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November 2017

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October 2017

A New Perkiomenite

Welcome to the first issue of the Perkiomenite for the 2017 school year. While the paper will still feature the ideas, thoughts, and passions of Perkiomen students, it will now be housed on the main school website where everyone in our community has the chance to enjoy it.

Over the summer, Perkiomen students all read "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Tracy Kidder. This month, Perkiomen celebrates one of the themes from Kidder's book: appreciation of beauty. To kick off the first edition of our school newspaper for the 2017 academic year, Yana Menadzhieva incorporates this theme in her article to help bring you the best selection of movies that will help you to better appreciate beauty and kindness in your life.

Thank you for reading the Perkiomenite and we hope you enjoy our latest issue.

Top 10 Feel-Good Movies of the Season

Yana Menadzhieva

Here is the list of 10 absolutely kind movies that will make you smile after a long day:

  1. “Life is Beautiful”- Surprisingly, this picture of World War II horrors can be one of the kindest movies you've ever seen. This is an amazing story of a loving father who managed to give his son a second life while being in a concentration camp and turned a terrible reality into a game. Life can sometimes be unjust, painful, and tragic, but it can also still be infinitely beautiful.
  2. “Forrest Gump”- This movie is 20 years old but most of us know and still remember it. Despite the fact that you may know some of the lines, with each viewing you will also discover something new. This movie is simply inspirational.
  3. “Temple Grandin”- Her name is Temple Grandin, and she is not like the others. This movie is a biographical drama that tells the story an autistic woman who achieved considerable success in science. She managed to change the attitudes of the world on people with autism and prove that a person is capable of anything if he or she does not give up.
  4. “The Truman Show”- Imagine this, you suddenly begin to realize that everything around you is scenery and people are actors pretending to live a normal life with you. Your entire world turns out to be a great TV series where you play the main role, without even knowing it. Can you leave everything you know in pursuit of freedom and learn to trust people again? Our favorite actor Jim Carrey, stars in one of the best dramatic roles of his career.
  5. “Penelope”- In a world where everyone judges each other by appearance, it is not easy to survive if you are not like the others. Penelope is a girl, over whom gravitates an ancient family curse. Instead of a nose, she has a pig snout that will disappear only when somebody falls in love with her. Of course, this is a fairy tale but also a bright story that teaches the simple old truth - to remain true to yourself in any situation.
  6. “Rory O’Shea Was Here”- The heroes of this film may be confined to wheelchairs, but they have more optimism than most able- bodied people. Cramped with cerebral palsy, these men do not lose spirit and try to live normal, full lives by rejoicing, making mistakes, protecting the weak, dancing and joking.
  7. “Patch Adams”- In a children’s hospital for the mentally ill, diagnosed with deep depression, the hero of Robin Williams suddenly finds the meaning of life in helping others. He makes an incredible discovery: it turns out that laughter is the best medicine for all illnesses. Kindness and love of life are capable of bringing about miracles.
  8. “Moonrise Kingdom”- After the mysterious disappearance of a boy from a Boy Scout camp and a girl from a troubled family, the principal sheriff puts everyone on high alert. The Boy Scout trainer begins his alternative investigation. The girl's mother is hysterical, and her father seems to be hiding something. "The Kingdom of the Full Moon" is a movie that can not be resisted. After all, everyone in life has a first love.
  9. “Julie & Julia”- This film is based on a real story about a girl, Julie, who decided to cook 524 dishes according to the recipes of the famous Julia Child. And, it had to be done in 365 days. The whole process of the main character describes the blog in a colorful way. As you watch the film, you can almost smell the delicious food and you will feel as though you are rediscovering the taste of life.
  10. “Amelie”- Amelie finds an old toy in her bathroom and lights up with an idea of returning the "treasure" to its owner. This kind act changes the girl's life, and she begins to touch in the lives of strangers in a completely unexpected way. This movie can change your life too.

The Truth About Diversity on Campus

Sadie Butcher

A large part of what makes Perkiomen so unique is its diversity; with representation from over 30 countries across the globe, students can interact and learn from each other both inside and outside the classroom environment. Immersed in such a culturally rich and diverse community, are Perk students truly taking advantage of all of the opportunities and perspectives that can be found on campus?

While we hold festivals and celebrations throughout the year to recognize and appreciate the cultures familiar to the members of our student body, some might feel as though there is still somewhat of a divide between the domestic and international student pop

ulations at Perk - in after-school activities, social events, meals, and other aspects of daily campus life. This is why we are excited to welcome to campus our new student group, the GDC.

One of the main goals of our newly implemented Global Diversity Council (GDC) is to improve integration within the school community. Led by Dr. Tarece Johnson, Assistant Headmaster of Global Diversity and Inclusion, the GDC has already hosted a debate about monuments and symbols in the U.S., made several announcements recognizing cultural and religious celebrations, hosted Hispanic culture and Mid-Autumn festivals, and addressed countless other behind-the-scenes tasks. In order to create a more integrated school community, the GDC plans to host additional talks during H periods, debates, and events celebrating global cultures and beliefs. These will ultimately provide Perkiomen students with a greater understanding of our peers and their backgrounds, promote self-advocacy and leadership, and allow all perspectives to be heard and appreciated.

Upcoming events include the Mid-Atlantic Region Diversity Conference on October 28, Equity and Social Justice Week, Black History Month, and the multicultural festival. Talk to Dr. Johnson to learn more about the GDC and to get involved.

What Can Philadelphia Sports Fans Expect For Each Team This Season?

Ben Vanelli

Perkiomen School has students from near and far. Some grew up loving the Philadelphia area sports teams, some of us don’t know a thing about them, and some of us just don’t like them. But for those of us who grew up with them as well as the boarding students who have grown fond of these teams, we want to know: when will they start performing well?

It’s been tough to watch Philadelphia sports teams these last few years; the Sixers were always losing, the Eagles still haven’t won a Super Bowl, the Flyers have been mediocre, and the Phillies have been rebuilding since 2012. But this year, things are looking up for a city that hasn’t won a major championship since 2008.

The Sixers have big man and phenom Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons is healthy, and new addition Markelle Fultz already looks like he can make a big impact. The Eagles are off to a terrific 5-1 start behind Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz and look like a Super Bowl caliber team. Phillies first baseman/left fielder and rookie sensation Rhys Hoskins became the fastest MLB player ever to reach eighteen home runs, young outfielders Nick Williams, Aaron Altherr, and Odubel Herrera have been great, and starting pitcher Aaron Nola looks like a true ace. The Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds, Jakub Voracek, Shayne “Ghost” Gostisbehere, and of course, Claude Giroux are leading the Flyers now. So, what can we, the fans, expect to see from these teams later this year and next year?

For the 76ers, we will be watching a team try to make the playoffs after years of being well below average, to put it nicely. The phrase “Trust The Process” has become immensely popular in Philly, and it looks like 2017 could be the year that “the process” ends and the performing begins. Joel Embiid has been one of the biggest stories, from his excellent scoring and defense to his jokes and feuds on social media. He’s already a fan favorite. Ben Simmons, last year’s first overall pick, did not play all of last season but has looked great in the preseason. Markelle Fultz looks to start his Rookie of the Year campaign off right. Of course, the clutch TJ McConnel, defensive specialist Robert Covington, and new 3-point wizard JJ Redick are not to be overlooked. The Sixers could see a challenge in a rather uncompetitive Eastern Conference dominated by the Cavaliers and Celtics.

The Eagles are out with a start that almost nobody anticipated. They are 5-1 as of Week 6 and their only loss came against the Kansas City Chiefs, who are considered the best in the NFL. Oh, and it was an away game in which th

ey only lost by seven points. This great start has come because of almost the whole team stepping up. Head Coach Doug Pederson is now somewhat experienced and is making better play calls. Carson Wentz has been sensational, throwing 13 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions in 6 games. Zach Ertz is the best tight end in the NFL in many categories including touchdowns. Wide receiver Nelson Agholor has finally unlocked his potential, free agent addition LaGarrette Blount is doing fantastic, and the entire defensive squad has been great, even without top-100 player Fletcher Cox and new cornerback Ronald Darby out with injuries for most of those games. The Eagles are also the best in the NFL on third down conversions so far, too. The offensive line has also been one of, if not the best, in football. The Eagles have an excellent chance to win the division, as the Giants are too far gone, the Cowboys are not as good as last year (and they may lose star running back Ezekiel Elliot to suspension), and the Washington Redskins are only winning close games. The Eagles can make a deep playoff run, but the only thing on the minds of Eagles fans is a Super Bowl Ring.

The Philadelphia Phillies have been losing since Ryan Howard sustained that practically career ending Achilles injury in the 2011 NLDS. Core players, Howard, Utley, Rollins, and Hamels, are all out of the organization. No player remains in the organization from the 2008 World Series Champion Team. Instead, the Phillies have been in full rebuild mode, and it finally looks like the wait is (almost) over. After a horrendous month of May, the Phillies nearly had a winning record in the second half of 2017. This is almost definitely because of the young players. Rhys Hoskins took the big leagues by storm, launching eighteen home runs and becoming the fastest player in the history of the sport to get there. Pitcher Aaron Nola was great, and he finished with a 3.54 earned run average. Nick Williams and Aaron Altherr, two young outfielders, showed power, defense, speed, and the ability to hit the ball well almost every time they played. Centerfielder Odubel Herrera was an All Star in 2016 and looked good again in 2017, racking up forty-five extra base hits. Relief pitchers Hoby Milner and Adam Morgan looked excellent in the season’s final months, and young catcher Jorge Alfaro has shown off his cannon of an arm behind the plate and hit the ball well. Former top prospect JP Crawford also got his chance in September, performing decently but showing that he still has room for improvement. In 2018, the Phillies may still need time to figure some things out, but expect them to be hunting for another World Series trip by 2019.

Last but not least, the Philadelphia Flyers have been just okay these past couple of years after finding themselves in the championship round before losing to Chicago in 2011. Now, however, they look like they might be back to the playoffs again. Wayne Simmonds was the All Star game MVP last year, and he’s been great so far this season. Team captain and center Claude Giroux reached 400 career assists. Jakub Voracek and Shayne Gostisbehere have scored a lot of points, and the goaltending has been good, too. The Flyers seem ready to make a run for the Stanley Cup.

Philadelphia sports fans, get ready. After years of hoping and waiting, we may finally see what we want to see, and that is talent and hard work from these teams. We are craving something to celebrate and our time may finally come in the current and upcoming sports seasons.

College Applications: An Inside Look

Danial Pasiada

Applying to college can be frustrating with all the essays, interviews, deadlines, and normal school work on top of that. Are you feeling tired of it yet? You are not alone. Many Perkiomen students before us have gone through the same process, and found success in a college that was the right fit for them. To better understand what you are going through, we have interviewed Rasul Ali, a freshman at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a Perkiomen school graduate. At the time, Ali felt as though going through the college application process was shockingly scary, but looking back on it now, he sees that it wasn't really that scary after all.Image result for Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Ali was rather frustrated when he was in the middle of completing his college applications. “The scariest thing was the lack of confidence that I had in myself; that I wouldn't get into a college … that’s why I didn’t apply to many colleges … when I look back I feel like it was a missed opportunity, because I should have applied to all of those colleges that I was thinking about and I never applied” Ali said. Learning from Ali's experience, we should all push ourselves to have confidence in our skills and believe in ourselves more as we work on our applications.

Outside of the initial application, Ali recounts his experience opening acceptance letters. “I was scared ... to look at my acceptance letters. It was one of the [most] stressful parts of my Perk life, especially when I saw an ETH labelled envelope; when I opened it and I saw it – saw that I was accepted – that was one of the most exciting experiences ever." ETH was Ali's top choice for college and he did not think he would get admitted because he only studied German for two years. However, his hard work and commitment to learning German in his senior year paid off more than he could imagine.Image result for ETH

While some aspects of applying to college can be stressful, going to college is a massively rewarding experience. “I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s all about planning, it’s all about freedom, it’s all about being mature” – Ali says – “If you are responsible, if you’re strict, if you’re disciplined, you will succeed."

To make sure we are all destined to succeed after our Perkiomen careers, we’ve asked Mr. Ash, Assistant Director of College Counseling, for some top tips for our seniors as they near the end of their high school career. Here's what he had to say:

  • You can enjoy freedom as well as working hard, not instead of working hard. The most important recommendation Mr. Ash gives for college life is, “Set your own study hall early in the day or morning and then hang out after." That way you’ll finish your work and get to hang out with your friends!
  • Don’t look at the end of your high school career as just finishing another stage of education. “Remind yourself of what legacy you’ll leave at Perk” – Mr. Ash stresses – “Do you remember Mei? … You should leave Perk with everyone going 'Why did she have to leave?!'"

Plan Conejo

Tatiana Spinosa

Venezuela has been in the midst of a political and economical crisis for roughly the past five years. Problems started under Venezuela's former President, Hugo Chavez, and have resulted in what has been named the worst economic crisis in the country's history. Most economic actions under Chavez proved to be unsustainable and ineffective as long term solutions and issues such as poverty and inflation, among others, have increased since then. Current president, Nicholas Maduro, has recently taken steps to tackle the pressing issue of malnutrition, which currently impacts 12% of Venezuelan children - enter Plan Rabbit. Plan Rabbit, established by Maduro, has already sent its first group of bunnies to 15 poor communities to provide much needed nutrients for the people; baby bunnies when cared for and plumped up, will be able to provide nutrients when bread and other foodstuffs are scarce. However, it has been reported that families have gotten attached to these cute, tiny fluffies and started treating them as pets rather than their future meal, leading to early setbacks. At first, bunnies may seem like a surprising solution, but in South and Central America these furry friends are commonly used in the culinary field. Being the largest oil-rich country, Venezuela relies heavily on imports for everything from food to all of their basic necessities. At this point, Maduro must find another viable resource to subsidize his country and economy rather than relying entirely on oil before the situation becomes even more dire.

Read more about it here.

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