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November 2017

Stay tuned for our next issue of the Perkiomenite to be published on November 15!

October 2017

A New Perkiomenite

Welcome to the first issue of the Perkiomenite for the 2017 school year. While the paper will still feature the ideas, thoughts, and passions of Perkiomen students, it will now be housed on the main school website where everyone in our community has the chance to enjoy it.

Over the summer, Perkiomen students all read "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Tracy Kidder. This month, Perkiomen celebrates one of the themes from Kidder's book: appreciation of beauty. To kick off the first edition of our school newspaper for the 2017 academic year, Yana Menadzhieva incorporates this theme in her article to help bring you the best selection of movies that will help you to better appreciate beauty and kindness in your life.

Thank you for reading the Perkiomenite and we hope you enjoy our latest issue.

Top 10 Feel-Good Movies of the Season

Yana Menadzhieva

Here is the list of 10 absolutely kind movies that will make you smile after a long day:

  1. “Life is Beautiful”- Surprisingly, this picture of World War II horrors can be one of the kindest movies you've ever seen. This is an amazing story of a loving father who managed to give his son a second life while being in a concentration camp and turned a terrible reality into a game. Life can sometimes be unjust, painful, and tragic, but it can also still be infinitely beautiful.
  2. “Forrest Gump”- This movie is 20 years old but most of us know and still remember it. Despite the fact that you may know some of the lines, with each viewing you will also discover something new. This movie is simply inspirational.
  3. “Temple Grandin”- Her name is Temple Grandin, and she is not like the others. This movie is a biographical drama that tells the story an autistic woman who achieved considerable success in science. She managed to change the attitudes of the world on people with autism and prove that a person is capable of anything if he or she does not give up.
  4. “The Truman Show”- Imagine this, you suddenly begin to realize that everything around you is scenery and people are actors pretending to live a normal life with you. Your entire world turns out to be a great TV series where you play the main role, without even knowing it. Can you leave everything you know in pursuit of freedom and learn to trust people again? Our favorite actor Jim Carrey, stars in one of the best dramatic roles of his career.
  5. “Penelope”- In a world where everyone judges each other by appearance, it is not easy to survive if you are not like the others. Penelope is a girl, over whom gravitates an ancient family curse. Instead of a nose, she has a pig snout that will disappear only when somebody falls in love with her. Of course, this is a fairy tale but also a bright story that teaches the simple old truth - to remain true to yourself in any situation.
  6. “Rory O’Shea Was Here”- The heroes of this film may be confined to wheelchairs, but they have more optimism than most able- bodied people. Cramped with cerebral palsy, these men do not lose spirit and try to live normal, full lives by rejoicing, making mistakes, protecting the weak, dancing and joking.
  7. “Patch Adams”- In a children’s hospital for the mentally ill, diagnosed with deep depression, the hero of Robin Williams suddenly finds the meaning of life in helping others. He makes an incredible discovery: it turns out that laughter is the best medicine for all illnesses. Kindness and love of life are capable of bringing about miracles.
  8. “Moonrise Kingdom”- After the mysterious disappearance of a boy from a Boy Scout camp and a girl from a troubled family, the principal sheriff puts everyone on high alert. The Boy Scout trainer begins his alternative investigation. The girl's mother is hysterical, and her father seems to be hiding something. "The Kingdom of the Full Moon" is a movie that can not be resisted. After all, everyone in life has a first love.
  9. “Julie & Julia”- This film is based on a real story about a girl, Julie, who decided to cook 524 dishes according to the recipes of the famous Julia Child. And, it had to be done in 365 days. The whole process of the main character describes the blog in a colorful way. As you watch the film, you can almost smell the delicious food and you will feel as though you are rediscovering the taste of life.
  10. “Amelie”- Amelie finds an old toy in her bathroom and lights up with an idea of returning the "treasure" to its owner. This kind act changes the girl's life, and she begins to touch in the lives of strangers in a completely unexpected way. This movie can change your life too.

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