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1875 Perkiomen Seminary Founded

1875 – Perkiomen Seminary, a coeducational college preparatory and comprehensive school, founded by Charles S. Wieand and Reverend Dr. Clement A. Weiser of the New Goshoppen Reformed Church.  The original brick building purchased by the Wieand family for $987.50, in April of 1875.

1883 Weiand Family Struck By Diphtheria

1883 - The Weiand family struck by diphtheria, forcing the closure of Perkiomen Seminary.

1892 Board of Trustees

1891 - Members of the Schwenkfelder Church meet to discuss educational options in the Upper Perkiomen Valley.  The decision is made to reopen the school with funds donated by members of the church.

1892 Oscar Kriebel Headmaster

1892 - In the fall of 1892, Perkiomen Seminary re-opens with Reverend Dr. Oscar S. Kriebel (a minister in the Schwenkfelder Church) as headmaster.  Nineteen students are registered, three boarders, and sixteen day students. Tuition is $1 per week; the entire cost for a day student for thirty-nine weeks is no more than $45!


1895 - In the spring of 1895, with enrollment burgeoning, construction begins on an impressive addition to Kriebel Hall substantially funded by Edwin K. Schultz and family.

1896 Proposed Kriebel Hall

1896 - The original design of Kriebel Hall includes a cupola; however, one is not added until 1995.

1896 - First International Student

1896 - Perkiomen welcomes its first international student from Korea.

1902 - Enrollment

1902 - Enrollment reaches 320 students.

1906 Gymnasium Built

1906 - Gymnasium built, including dormitory rooms, and a faculty apartment. In 1952, the building is named Kehs Hall in honor of faculty member Irwin Kehs. In the 1970s, it becomes the home of the fine and performing arts.

1910 A Flourishing Campus

1910 - The school flourishes as a college prepatory school with students from twenty-five Pennsylvania counties and seven countries.

1911 Alma Mater

1911 - Alma Mater written by Al Dubin '11, an award winning lyricist who is later inducted into the songwriter's hall of fame.

1913 Carnegie Library

1913 - Carnegie Library built using a generous personal gift from Andrew Carnegie, as well as contributions from alumni, family, and friends of the school.

1914 - World War I

1914 - WWI claims the lives of the following Perkiomen students:
Russell Bateman '11
William Davis '15
J. Wilson Gailey '13
Howard H. Himmelwright '13
M. Landis '09
Roy S. Leidy '13
Earl Rahn '09
Samuel Shelly '11
Frederick O. Waage '96

1916 Name Changes from Seminary to School

1916 - Board of Trustees votes to phase out coeducation, and Perkiomen becomes an all boys school. The school name officially changes and modernizes to The Perkiomen School.

1923 Coeducation Phased Out

1923 - Coeducation officially phased out as the last five girls graduate from Perkiomen.

1932 Headmaster Kriebel Passes

1932 – Headmaster Kriebel passes away; his forty years of leadership established the long term foundation of Perkiomen School.

1932 Webster Stover Headmaster

1932 - Dr. Webster Stover appointed headmaster.

1934 Dean Irwin Kehs

1934 - Dean Irwin Kehs named interim headmaster.

1934 Reverend Clarence Tobias Headmaster

1934 - Reverend Clarence E. Tobias appointed headmaster.

1938 Depression

1938 - Despite the continuing Depression, Perkiomen clears $20,000 of debt through generous alumni subscriptions.

1941 - World War II

1941 –WWII claims the lives of the following Perkiomen students:
Lt. Robert R. Barrett ’41
Pvt. William N. Aucker ’36
Pvt. Norman L. Craig ’41
Pvt. Peter A. Dughi ’39
Maj. James Edminster II ’39
Lt. Orville Everitt ’39
Lt. George W. Gair Jr. ’37
William H. Glass ’33
Lt. David Griffith ’39
Air Cadet Edward Harrisine ’41
M. Thomas Hehnen ’33
Lt. John W. Howe Jr. ’42
Edward Knotek ’42
Lothrop F. Ellis ’40
Richard McCarty ’39
Thomas R. McLhinney Jr. ’42
Lt. Frank B. Morgan ’38
Lt. John H. Must ’40
Lt. John F. Phelan Jr. ’38
John D. Rubenstein ’41
Sgt. Walter H. Sides Jr. ’28
Lt. W. Ladslow Sokolowski ’40
Lt. Charles H. Terry Jr. ’37
Charles Tourison ’39
Lt. Harvey Vanderslice ’34
Stanley Wismer ’39

1944 Albert Rogers Headmaster

1944 - Albert Rogers appointed headmaster.

1950 Korean War

1950 - Korean War claims the lives of the following Perkiomen students:
Myron Baxter '52
Jack Moskowitz '52
John T. McGrogan '61
Richard K. Reed '59

The following Perkiomen Students served in the Korean War:
Captain Norman R. Bate '61

1951 Stephen Roberts Headmaster

1951 – Stephen Roberts appointed headmaster and begins to transform campus, bringing the school into post World War II modernization.

1957 Roberts Hall

1957 - Roberts Hall dedicated to honor Stephen Roberts' achievements while headmaster.

1962 Parents Hall

1962 - With the leadership of current parents and trustees, the Campaign of the Century is complete. Any remaining debt retired through the leadership of Samuel Shear, parent '__, grandparent '__.

1963 Hollenbach Science Center

1963 - Hollenbach Science Center dedicated to honor Katherine and Walter Hollenbach.

1964 Schultz Hall

1964 - Schultz Hall dedicated to honor Levi G., Elizabeth S., and Margaret R. Schultz. The dormitory houses thirty-eight boys and two faculty members.

1965 Advanced Placement Courses

1965 – The first AP courses are offered, establishing Perkiomen as one of the first schools to embrace AP curriculum. Courses include AP Calculus, AP English Literature, and AP U.S. History.

1966 Andrew Berkey Headmaster

1966 – Andrew Berky appointed headmaster.

1967 Trustee Hall

1967 - Trustee Hall dedicated to honor the Board of Trustees. Later renamed Ruhl Hall to honor Maybelle and Penrose Ruhl, this building becomes home for the first female boarding students in 1969.

1968 Reverend Jack Rothenberger Headmaster

1968 - Reverend Jack Rothenberger appointed headmaster. A member of the Board of Trustees, Chaplain, Director of Admissions, Director of Summer School, and Assistant Headmaster, Reverand Rothernburger has been associated with Perkiomen since 1955.

1969 James Brown Headmaster

1969 - Headmaster Brown brings in a new era with the enrollment of five female day students, and the relaxation of rules, including the dress code.

1969 Opens Doors To Coeducation

1969 - After 50 years, Perkiomen re-opens its doors to coeducation.

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War claims the lives of the following Perkiomen students:
Capt. Norman R. Bate ’61
Myron Baxter ’52
John T. McGrogan ’61
Richard K. Reed ’59

1972 Howard Deischer Interim Headmaster

1972 - A member of the mathematics department, Howard Deischer steps in as interim Headmaster while the search for a new Headmaster proceeds.

1973 Hollenbach Athletic Center

1973 – Hollenbach Athletic Center dedicated to honor Katherine and Walter Hollenbach.
Huttel Natatorium dedicated to honor Mabel Huttel.
The first female student graduates from Perkiomen since the reintroduction of coeducation.

1974 John Hewett Headmaster

1974 - John Hewett expands the diversity of the student and faculty population. The Hewett concert series is established and named in his honor.

1980 Hall of Athletic Honor

1980 – The Hall of Athletic Honor established to honor Perkiomen athletes who have made a significant contribution in athletics as students and alumni. 

1985 George Allison Headmaster

1985 - George K. Allison appointed headmaster. Headmaster Allison dedicates twenty-three years to Perkiomen. Under his leadership, the campus is enhanced and expanded.

1991 Campaign for the Arts

1991 – Renovation of Kehs Hall is completed and the Middle School program begins.

1994 Kriebel Hall Fire

1994 - A devastating fire destroys Kriebel Hall. Alumni, parents, local residents, and business owners rally to help the school. Rising from the ashes, Perkiomen restores Kriebel Hall in fourteen months with a new chapel, dorms, classrooms, and administrative offices.

1995 Cupola

1995 - Perkiomen's iconic cupola is added to Kriebel Hall during the post-fire reconstruction.

1999 Tinnerholm Way

1999 - An access road is constructed from Third Street to the Athletic Center. The road is constructed on property purchased with a lead gift from Trustee, Drew Lewis. The road is named in honor of Trustee, Karl Tinnerholm '48.

2000 Greilich Farm

2000 - Perkiomen campus expands to 165 acres with the purchase of the adjoining, 55-acre Greilich Farm, protecting a swath of land in the Upper Perkiomen Watershed.

2000 Baseball State Champions

2000 - Perk's legacy of athletic success continues with the Baseball team's 2000 State Championship.

2001 Moving Forward Campaign

2001 - The campaign to transform campus begins, including construction of a new academic building, beautiful landscaping, tennis courts, and a renovation of Hollenbach Academic Center.

2001 Christman House

2001 - Christman House, adjacent to Fritz Cottage, is purchased. The building provides student and faculty housing.

2006 Allison Middle School Program

2006 - The Allison Middle School program dedicated to honor Headmaster Allison upon his retirement. The program is housed in the Hollenbach Academic Center dedicated to honor Katherine and Walter Hollenbach (Moving Forward Campaign).

2006 S. Ridgway Goodwin Rain Garden

2006 - Rain Garden dedicated to S. Ridgway Goodwin '60, whose time, talent, and resources continue to enrich Perkiomen's landscape (Moving Forward Campaign).

2006 Stauffer Family Tennis Center

2006 - Six lighted Stauffer Family tennis courts replace those removed with the construction of the Schumo Academic Center (Moving Forward Campaign).

2006 Schumo Academic Center

2006 - Offering state of the art science labs, expansive public spaces, and larger classrooms, the Schumo Academic Center provides opportunity for greater faculty collaboration and easy access to technology. Activboards are featured in every classroom, throughout all academic departments (Moving Forward Campaign).

2006 Moving Forward Campaign

2006 - Mrs. Peg Schumo cuts the ribbon and formally opens the Schumo Academic Center, dedicated in her honor. The Moving Forward Campaign transforms the Perkiomen School campus.

2006 Baker Field

2006 - The world class Baker Field dedicated to honor coach Kendall Baker for his 37 years at Perk.

2008 Marian Stefano Meditation Garden

2008 - Marian Stefano Meditation Garden, dedicated to Marian Stefano, receives the Community Greening Award from The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for outstanding public planting, and improving the quality of life through horticulture.

2008 Christopher Tompkins Headmaster

2008 - Christopher R. Tompkins appointed headmaster, continuing a legacy of modernization and bringing with him a rich history of Independent School experience.

2008 Model U.N.

2008 - Establishment of the Model U.N. team continues the legacy of debate at Perkiomen since the Princeton Cup, 1912.

2008 Athletic Renovation

2008 - Renovation of the Exhibition Gymnasium in Hollenbach Athletic Center complete with the leadership of Trustee ('04), James Schultz '81, parent '02, '10.

2009 New Strategic Plan Approved

2009 - Strategic plan approved.
Summer Programs established.
Perkiomen School chapter of the Cum Laude Society established.
Board of Trustees designates Creamery as the new headmaster residence.

2009 Middle School Theater Program

2009 - Middle School Theater Program established.

2009 Roberts Hall

2009 - Roberts Hall (Robbie's) renovated and rededicated to honor Stephen Roberts. Robbie's facelift transforms the student center and becomes a central community space on campus.

2009 Lenfest Scholarship

2009 - Gerry and Marguerite Lenfest donate $1 million for the Lenfest Scholarship Fund, a selective, merit-based program that recognizes exceptional boarding students.

2010 Girls Soccer Program

2010 - Girls soccer program established.

2010 Kriebel Theater

2010 - Enhancements made to Kriebel Theater Program; performance of Oliver (2013) includes largest cast in history with fifty members.

2011 Advanced Placement

2011 - Twenty-seven AP classes offered with 70% of AP test takers earning a score of 3 or better.

2011 Library Renovation

2011 - Carnegie Library transforms with a complete renovation of the first floor, preserving the architectural and historical integrity of the building while simultaneously integrating state of the art technology.

2012 Athletic Renovation: Pool

2012 - Renovation of the Huttel Natatorium kicks off an impressive swim season. The boys team sets school records in the 200 Medley and the 200 Free as well as pool records in the 200 Medley and 400 Free. An impressive six swimmers qualified for Easterns Invitational Swim meet.

2012 Athletic Renovation Fitness Center

2012 - The fitness center expansion.

2012 College Counseling Office

2012 - The establishment of College Counseling Office and expansion of a full time office of College Counseling. Nearly one hundred colleges from around the state visit.


2012 - Enrollment reaches 330, campus increases to 167 acres, twenty-five buildings total, with the acquisition of five additional faculty homes.
Endowment nears $11 million, an increase of 316% since the recession.
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