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"It has been great coming to Perk. It's just fun seeing the whole world in such a small place.  It's interesting to see how these different cultures all mix, and how someone from across the world can be friends with someone else. It's just cool."


" I have been here since freshman year and through the years, it has really improved my life. It really helps you know about other countries, and how they are either similar, or different, from your own country. Perk is family, my friends are family here, the teachers are family. Hospitality has been key for making my Perk experience great."


"Our school is not so huge, and we are close to each other which is a specific advantage of Perk; everybody helps each other. Teachers are close to students and they are there to help you whenever."


"My experience at Perk is something that I was waiting for my whole life, because I always desired freedom. Perk brought me this freedom. I bring a positive attitude to Perk and unique experiences."


"Well first of all, I learned that we are all essentially the same.  I like traveling and I like seeing new things. It just seems so cool that now I sit in class with people from all over the world. Well I know how to respect all people and their feelings."


"Living in the U.S. is a big change. People here are really welcoming. I think knowing people from all over the world is important in my life. I bring new stories. I let people see a view of Indonesia, what it is like.  There is a lot of diversity here and I love meeting new people so we get to see what their cultures are like by living and learning with them."


"I am an ambassador to the community in that I inform people here of where Hong Kong is, as a city, and how we have some value in this world. It's amazing how the Perk community values us as international students."


"It's really great. I don't feel uncomfortable at all having people from different backgrounds around me, I love it, and it's awesome. It gives us more opportunity to socialize and to know about everything that is going on around the world.  I love having people from different places, it's refreshing and new."


"I have been happy because I feel like I am home here since everybody is kind and open to everyone else. You can learn different things from people, different cultures, different countries, I mean that's an invaluable lesson. In my home, freedom, kindness, and development are the three basic values that we chase and build through our whole lives. So when I came here I found those three values. I feel very good here, love the people, the faculty and students, everything."


"I have been to many different countries and feel that this is a community that is open to a lot of different cultures. What I learn here and take away will help me have a successful life, and future. Here they give you a base for a better life and make you a better person. Here you are always around people in a kind environment. I think everybody has a different perspective which helps me understand their cultures better, which is valuable."


"At Perk there is a lot of diversity so we can share our cultures. Koreans are really energetic and want to know all people from other countries. We treat everyone like our family and even though we may be meeting for the first time, we are best friends."


"The most important thing I bring to Perk is my spirit; a spirit to reach for my dreams and fight for them, to be stronger. I think I make the Perk community more colorful. I am happy to be around people from all over the world because we all bring something new to Perk."


"When I came to Perk everyone here made me feel welcome. At Perk I can meet a lot of people from different places, and make friends with students from all over the world, so this experience makes me feel very good."


"I think something very unique about my country is the diversity of ethnic groups, and the long history of tradition; the loyalty to family, the strong connection between generations and appreciation of ancestry. My experience at Perk has been great. Everyone is very helpful and I have learned a lot from the international students. I just love being here."


"I don't think it's one single country that brings something, it's more the diversity as a whole. I mean there are so many nations. It's totally different meeting someone from Germany than talking or listening to something about Germany."


“By interacting with a diverse group of people now, I will have that in the future and will appreciate it. You have the real thing. Text books are not going to share emotion, kindness or in-depth experiences. If you have the person right in front of you, you can ask questions, you can interact with them, you can share what you have experienced with them. I think that is why diversity is good.”


"I came here because I wanted the best education from all around the world and I bring my strong mind and courage. And I think that's why Perk is colorful and perfect, because students from every country share things here; we share different opinions, different ideas, different ways to study, different ways to live here and we live perfectly. Perkiomen is perfect."


“I honestly think this place is great. I never thought in my life I would be in a place with so many different people. I just think that being in a community where there are so many different people, you're bound to learn a lot of things about yourself, and about them, and about other places. Basically we have the world right here, different continents, different countries, everything is right here. It's a chance to learn from each other and actually apply this later on.”


“I am grateful for the experience because it does open my eyes.   Not just the fact that my friends are from all over the world but that there are different problems, different cultures, different perspectives on a lot of issues that I learn from. It really helps my self-awareness. I want to bring it up and raise it to the global frame where it could affect more than one person at a time. You get a first-hand account of what the truth really is, you don't get sensationalized, dramatized versions like you read in magazines, you get the truth. I just love Perk in every way.”


"Getting to know people from all around the world, for a Costa Rican, personally, that's amazing. We are more than friends, we are like a family. All the faculty are amazing here; more than teachers, they're friends and they're family; they help you with anything that's going on in your life. We learn to value what we have, and to value other people for who they are, and learn not to say bad things about countries we don't even know about."


"I feel like I have changed a lot at Perk. Living alone and living without parents, I have become more responsible, have learned how to deal with certain situations that I would not have at home, and had not left the country. It has taught me how to not judge people by their race, or by their culture. I believe that's a really important thing in life to not judge anybody by just looking at them."


"Coming from Bangladesh, I have seen a lot of poverty.  Having seen poverty, I feel more grateful for whatever I have right now. I've seen people in really bad situations and I can share with others a sense of appreciation and help them understand how important it is to be grateful for what they have."


"It makes me very happy to share my country and customs with my friends here. We may be shy but we work hard, and are great teammates. Perk students really get a good understanding of the differences between Asian nations, with the variety of students here, so they are not just stereotyping us as Asians."


“What I bring here is basically my culture; I prioritize my religion, my family, my identity and think about myself and others as a whole together. It kind of helps me understand other people because I learn more about where they're from and about me and how I distinguish myself from them. Learning from how people have responded to me here, I have a better understanding of how to talk, how to act and what to demonstrate about myself, for them to understand me as a whole individual.”

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