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The Perkiomen School Writing Center is a place that serves the academic community across the curriculum, and focuses on helping students, faculty, and members of the Perkiomen community at large develop and improve language and self-expression. Not only does the Perkiomen School Writing Center offer refuge for students struggling with the writing process, but the physical space is also the central location for the creation and celebration of creative writing. Students and faculty alike utilize the Writing Center to develop and share their individual work, such as poetry, stories, personal essays, and lyrics. Keeping the spirit of creativity and community in mind, the introduction of a writing center at Perkiomen School will promote school-wide events focused on writing, including but not limited to poetry slams, guest speakers/authors, and symposiums about writing directed toward both students and faculty.

Student Usage:
Students may drop into the Writing Center for support during free periods and/or conference period as needed. In addition, teachers and/or advisors may refer students for assistance with specific assignments as well as overall writing support.



Mr. Maxime Sinal serves as Director of the Writing Center and oversees its administration and daily operation. The Director of the Writing Center is responsible for all documentation and record-keeping for the Center, as well as staffing the Center during daily conference period, and be available by appointment as needed including but not limited to afternoons, study hall, weekends.

The Writing Center is currently staffed by two other faculty members(Mark Longstreth/English, and Sheri Rider-Jobe/ESL Coordinator) and seven writing fellows throughout the academic day. The daily accessibility of teachers and writing fellows to the student body allows for boundless opportunities of support and instruction. For the future, The Writing Center will continue to develop and offer staffing by additional members of the Perkiomen School faculty, across academic disciplines.

Student Writing Fellows (SWF) will play an important role in both the concept and daily success of The Writing Center of Perkiomen School. The 2015-2016 Student Writing Fellows are a group of nine students (seven members of the class of 2016, one member from the class of 2017, and one member from the class of 2018), who have been selected by way of application process overseen by the Director of the Writing Center. This year’s Student Writing Fellows are:

Avery Rose-Craver

Caitlyn Konradt

Alan Chang

Lauren Cola

Mary Dent

Amelia Dormer

Mark Zhou

Sadie Butcher

Michaela DiElsi

These select students have demonstrated a solid understanding of the writing process and are good communicators. These student-editors, or tutors, receive extensive and ongoing training in the teaching of writing. The responsibilities of Student Writing Fellows include being available in the Writing Center a minimum of two hours a week (including free periods or conference period), staffing the Writing Center during one study hall period per month, participation in Writing Center based activities, and honorable academic and personal conduct. The training and staffing hours of Student Writing Fellows will be facilitated by the Director.


The Writing Center at Perkiomen School is open throughout the academic day and during conference period, as well as by individual appointments. For the future, the Writing Center will be open during study hall two evenings a week, as well as on the weekends when possible. The evening hours of the Writing Center will be dependent on need and staffing; however, it is intended to have consistent evening hours in the future.


In addition to its individualized work with seniors on college application essays, the Writing Center will utilize the expertise and knowledge of its staff to offer special courses to benefit Perkiomen students in every discipline; these ideas will be partnered through each department, allowing every discipline on campus to develop resources for their special areas of interest and/or need. Potential topics include How to Write an Effective Lab Report, How to Write a Letter of Inquiry for a Summer Job, SAT Writing Support, and Finding Your Voice: Stylistic Elements for an Emerging Memoirist. In addition, the Director will work with members of the Perkiomen faculty and provide curricular resources to substantiate their courses and individualized assignments. Ideally, members of the Perkiomen faculty will see the Writing Center as a professional resource which they may utilize throughout the academic year.The Writing Center is working to provide ongoing projects and activities for the Perkiomen School community, including poetry slams, coffee houses, dramatic readings, information based sessions (e.g. resume writing, letters of inquiry, mastering MLA citations), as well as various writing contests. The goal behind these events is to provide additional community based activities in which students may participate as well as reinforce Perkiomen School as an institution where literacy and the written word is both valued and celebrated.
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