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Risk Becoming Your Best

Artificial Intelligence Institute

AI Institute Distinction Candidate Max '23 is collaborating with the Homelessness Taskforce of the Boyertown Area Multi-Service to create an online program to spread awareness of social programs for low-income populations in his hometown. 

Design Institute

Students in the Design Institute are investigating real-world design challenges, like imagining, visualizing, and testing landscape and hardscape possibilities for the exterior of the new Student Center. The Class of 2023 is the inaugural graduating class pursuing Design Distinction. 

Entrepreneur Institute

After independently forming their own 501(c)3s while at Perkiomen, Nic ’18 and Morgan ’24 connected to earn a $120,000 Google grant for Morgan’s Magical Ears. Nic’s non-profit, Nic Nac Charities, is dedicated to eliminating the digital divide. He graduated from Penn State in 2022 with majors in Political Science and Social Data Analytics.  

Medical Institute

Now at Princeton University, Keeshawn ’19, who graduated with Medical Distinction, began his research career while in high school, working to discover how the amount and quality of sleep can affect athletes’ performance.

Why Perkiomen?


The Classes

Courses in humanities, math, science, world languages, fine & performing arts, English as a Second Language, as well as the Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneur, Medical, & Design Institutes.


Advanced Placement®

AP® classes, as well as 11 honors courses.


The Class Size
Average class size of 12 students.


The World

65% domestic, 35% international. 28 countries represented, creating a global community.



The College Support
Over 125 colleges visit Perkiomen's campus yearly. Full-time college counselors. 100% graduation rate. 99% choose to study at the college/university level.


The Sports
42 teams across 20 sports. A competitive opportunity for every athlete, whether elite or beginner.


The Place
185 lovely acres, beautiful buildings (both historic and new), numerous gardens and athletic fields.

Bottom Line

The Financial Aid

If you think Perkiomen School is beyond your reach, think again.

Happening on Campus


How has Perkiomen impacted my child?

Perkiomen creates an environment that encourages students to expand upon the limits that they set for themselves. We are thankful for the diverse, international student body, the creative educational programs such as the Institutes, and especially for the faculty and staff that encourage our son and daughter to learn and grow from mistakes, be responsible, and take risks in a safe and caring environment.

Caryn & Scott, Current Parents

How has Perkiomen prepared me for my next steps in life?

This community has taught me to use my voice and pursue my passions. They’ve been invaluable lessons as I continue to grow.

Emma, Class of 2019

How did Perkiomen change my perspective?

As someone who came here for a postgrad year in lacrosse, I wasn’t sure I wanted to join theater at first, but when I met everyone in the program and saw how kind and inclusive they were, I knew I had to go for it. In taking this leap, I’ve become more open to branching out of my comfort zone— I’ve even taken up a project to develop a lacrosse clinic within the Entrepreneur Institute! Not being afraid to fail has allowed me to discover a lot of things that I’ve come to love.

Drew, Class of 2022