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Upper School

The Upper School provides an academic program that is intentionally designed to prepare students for college and beyond. A variety of teaching styles include seminar-style classrooms, lectures, discussions, workshops, projects and collaborative learning allows us to meet the students where they are and provide challenge and support.

Unlocking Potential

How do we unlock the potential in all students? It’s the way we engage, support, and embrace the educational experience of each individual student, as well as the way we emphasize creative thinking in preparing students with a toolkit of applicable skills in an ever-changing world.

Middle School

The Middle School offers students a comprehensive, challenging, and integrated academic program. The classroom experience emphasizes interdisciplinary relationships, helping students to learn about one subject through another. The programs complement each other with a theme that unites the program for the year in history, math, English, world languages, and fine arts.

Why Perkiomen?


The Classes

Courses in English, history, math, science, world languages, fine & performing arts, mathematics, English as a Second Language, the Entrepreneur Institute, student and academic support.


Advanced Placement®

AP® classes, as well as 11 honors courses.


The Class Size
Faculty-Student ratio with an average class size of 11.


The World

60% domestic, 40% international. 24 countries represented, creating a global village.


The College Support
Over 125 colleges visit Perkiomen's campus yearly. Three full-time college counselors. 100% graduation rate. 99% choose to study at the college/university level.


The Sports
42 teams across 20 sports. A competitive opportunity for every athlete, whether elite or beginner.


The Place
172 lovely acres, beautiful buildings (both historic and new), numerous gardens and athletic fields.

Bottom Line

The Financial Aid

If you think Perkiomen School is beyond your reach, think again.

Happening on Campus


Why was Perk right for me?

Perkiomen was right for me because it gave me a chance to be myself without the fear of being singled out for being different.

Cheyenne, Class of 2019

How did Perk change my perspective?

Perkiomen gave me many opportunities to grow and expand my view on life;
I've never had that before.

Greysen, Class of 2019