Board of Trustees

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Perkiomen School's Board of Trustees is a selected group of elected officials who embrace the privilege and responsibility to serve the School. It is the Board's responsibility to ensure that Perkiomen School's mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves, and to monitor the success of the School in fulfilling its mission. Trustees actively support and promote the School's mission, vision, strategic goals, and policy procedures.

The Board of Trustees, acting solely as a unified whole, oversee the mission of Perkiomen School and broad policy issues, but have no individual oversight nor any group oversight of the daily operation of the School, which is delegated solely to the Headmaster and his/her representatives on the leadership team.

Marcia Moll Barone ’79, P ’14, ’17
Mitchell Davis ’82
Mark A. Devey, Head of School
James R. Faber
Karlee Fain '00
James Finnegan P ’16, ’18
Howard J. Forman ’66
S. Ridgway Goodwin ’60
Bianca Jackson '06
C. Stephen Keller ’66
Mingguang (David) Liu P ’17
Philip A. Lloyd, Esq. ’65
Pedro Miranda '65
Katie Park '07
Franciscus H. J. Preidel ’83
James Ratigan, Jr., P ’17
Scott R. Schultz ’83, P ’11, ’13
Peter Sharkey, Jr. ’03
Luanne Stauffer
Judy Waldman P ’10
Sung-Sik Yang ’84

Stephen A. Herczeg '70
Margaret K. Schumo P ’78

William C. Fritz ’64, P ’90
A. Frederick Travaglini '43

James B. Broff ’60