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Maggie Horvath of Perkiomen School's Design Institute poses in from of a tree

Head of School Mark A. Devey announced the hiring of Maggie Horvath as Director of the Design Institute, joining the Perkiomen School faculty in August 2022. 

Horvath comes to Perkiomen from Campbell University in North Carolina, where she is the Coordinator of the Art Department and Assistant Professor of Fine Arts. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in jewelry at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Horvath earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in crafts with a concentration in jewelry and a Bachelor of Science in art education with a concentration in ceramics from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Horvath is an artistic polymath with experience in fine art mediums including painting, photography, printmaking, illustration, 2D and 3D design, she is also well-versed in technological processes like 3D modeling, rendering, 3D printing, and laser cutting.

“Maggie’s wide range of experience and ability to combine art and technology are a natural fit for Perkiomen School,” says Devey. “Her educational approach aligns with ours and she is a natural facilitator and connector. As a driving force for our students, she will be a model to help them forge their own connections, drawing on their unique experiences to create something beautiful and bring it out into the world.”

The Design Institute, launching in Fall 2022, joins Perkiomen’s other Institutes - Entrepreneur, Medical, and Artificial Intelligence - as signature programs that offer pathways for students to develop distinct and creative competencies and prepare for the hybrid jobs of the future.

The Design Institute offers students an opportunity to expand and evolve their unique artistic vision. Through exploration of the design process and mastering the fundamental elements and principles of art, students will maximize their creative potential.

“As an educator, I value and enjoy working with students of diverse backgrounds and abilities,” says Horvath. “I have worked alongside students from a multitude of countries and regions within the United States and have worked with very talented students and students in their first art class. My teaching style is choice-based and often uses the idea of a flipped classroom to empower students to follow their own curiosity and give creative license to students. This allows the work to be as diverse as the students and helps each student individually connect and fully invest with what they are making.”

Horvath’s personal artwork has been featured in national gallery exhibitions and tradeshows as well as regional and local craft shows and pop-up events. She has work in several local spaces and has been awarded several research grants to support her art practice including working with contemporary geometric beading, large scale woodblock printmaking, raku and pit firing ceramics, and researching low temperature atmospheric ceramic firing.

“I believe that being an active maker and artist keeps me constantly learning new skills, investigating new topics and staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies,” says Horvath. “Following my personal curiosity and drive positively informs my teaching." 


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