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Perkiomen School Partners with University of Delaware for Entrepreneurship Dual Enrollment

Perkiomen School announced a partnership with University of Delaware for a Dual Enrollment opportunity with Horn Entrepreneurship. Perkiomen School is proud to join Horn’s EntreX Lab allowing high school students to gain experience in an ever-changing entrepreneurship environment. 

“In Perkiomen School’s ongoing effort to help individualize all education,” says Eric Frey, Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute at Perkiomen School, “Dual Enrollment provides additional choice to practice entrepreneurship at an increased rigor” 

Horn Entrepreneurship at University of Delaware provides students with a chance to grow their creativity and learn valuable skills in the world of innovation. EntreX Labs aims to bring that experience to high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in entrepreneurship. The five-module curriculum provides a foundation to the ideas and necessary background to find success in their future endeavors. The students who successfully complete the program will earn three transferrable credits and showcase their ability to handle college level coursework. 

“Through the Dual Enrollment program, Perkiomen students will have the opportunity now to learn and practice skills that will last a lifetime,” says Head of School Mark A. Devey. “By taking charge of their trajectory and seizing this opportunity, our students are earning college credit while exploring their interests and expanding their network.”

The Entrepreneur Institute at Perkiomen School was established in 2016 and allows students to make a liberal arts education relevant through rigorous application. The institute coursework is student-directed, application-based, and authentic giving students a chance to apply the knowledge that they have gained and culminate their experience in a capstone project. Currently 35 students are enrolled in Honors/Advanced Entrepreneurship and 20 are expected to fulfill requirements to receive the credits. Frey directs the program and adds his expertise and training. To prepare for the addition of the EntreX Lab, Frey participated in a week-long training session where he completed classes, exams, and meetings to properly lead the students. 

“Mr. Frey is the perfect instructor for this program,” says Shaun T. Yorgey, Director of Strategic Innovation. “He recently completed his MBA and is teaching Entrepreneurship at Perkiomen School for the second year.” 

Perkiomen students will have the opportunity to compete in a pitch competition on campus. The top two pitches will get the chance to move on to the Horn Entrepreneurship’s Diamond Challenge Summit that is hosted by the University of Delaware. Competitors will have the chance to make valuable connections and win a share of $100,000 in cash prizes.