Senior Administrative Team

The Headmaster is the Chief Executive Officer of the School and is responsible for the School’s good order to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees, acting solely as a unified whole, oversee the mission of the School and broad policy issues, but have no individual oversight nor any group oversight of the daily operation of the School, which is delegated solely to the Headmaster and his/her representatives on the leadership team.

The Headmaster is assisted by his Executive Assistant and the following administrators:

The Associate Headmaster is responsible for the daily operation of the school and works in concert with the Headmaster on any and all issues pertaining to the operation of the school. The Associate Headmaster acts as the Headmaster when the Headmaster is unavailable.

The Associate Headmaster, Executive Vice President for Finance and Business Development, CFO, is responsible to the Headmaster for administering the School’s accounts, maintaining the School’s physical plant, and for safety and security. He is assisted by the Assistant Manager/Accounts Payable, Student Billing/Accounts Receivable, and Assistant Director of Summer Programs, grounds, security, and housekeeping personnel.

The Assistant Headmaster for External Affairs is responsible for overseeing admissions, college counseling, and marketing. Communicating with the external constituencies of the school, these departments work together to support the growth of the institution and its students.

The Assistant Headmaster for Student Life is responsible to the Headmaster for the general behavior and morale of the student body. In this role, he handles all matters of discipline for the Upper School not requiring the response of suspension or Mandatory Required Withdrawal. In these matters, he advises the Headmaster. He oversees residential life, administers and oversees weekends and student activities, and works with the Administrator on Duty in supervising the School’s weekends. In the absence of the Associate Headmaster, he assumes oversight of the campus.

The Head of Upper School oversees the daily academic operation of the school and is responsible to the
Headmaster for the academic direction of the School. In this role, he assists the Headmaster in appointment of new faculty, the supervision and evaluation of existing faculty, and direction of the School’s curriculum. He directs the department chairs in the supervision of their respective departments, maintains good behavior in the academic buildings, and oversees the academic honesty and integrity of the School. He serves as the primary liaison in academic matters with individual parents. He supervises, in concert with the Director of Athletics, all academic extracurricular activities.

The Head of the Middle School oversees the daily operation of the Middle School and reports to the Head of Upper School. In conjunction with the Assistant Headmaster for Student Life, he also handles disciplinary matters for the middle school.

The Director of Admissions and Financial Aid is responsible to the Headmaster for administering the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. She oversees all admissions related travel, open house events, marketing to families, peer schools, educational consultant relations, and the financial aid program. She is responsible for annual enrollment of new students and re-enrollment of returning students.

The Director of Development is responsible to the Headmaster for all development and alumni relations.

The Director of Marketing & Communications is responsible to the Headmaster for all strategic marketing and public relations. She oversees all branding, messaging, marketing, and website/social media content. She works closely with admissions in support of the enrollment and re-enrollment of students.

The Director of Athletics is responsible to the Headmaster for the direction of all athletics and after school programs of the School, including the physical education of students. He appoints all coaches, supervises their coaching, and schedules all practices and matches. He directs the students’ athletic participation and is responsible for all discipline in the Hollenbach Athletic Center and on the field. The Director of Athletics also organizes and oversees the School’s after school programs.

The Director of English as a Second Language is responsible for the overall operation of the English as a
Second Language (ESL) Program and reports to the Head of Upper School. She will hold students and faculty to high standards and assess progress of students and their college readiness.

The Director of Learning is responsible for the overall operation of the Learning Center and reports to the Head of Upper School. She is responsible for creating academic plans and accommodations for students. She is responsible for tracking and applying standardized testing accommodations as well.

The Directors of the Entrepreneur, Medical, and Artificial Intelligence Institutes are responsible for the overall operation of these specialized institutes and report to the Head of the Upper School. Their duties include facilitating experiential learning, working with students to design a specific path of study, and overseeing capstone projects and external experiences.