Academic Support

Perkiomen School is focused on the success of every student.  A variety of academic support programs are in place to encourage self-advocacy and to find individual strategies that work for each child's learning style. Learn more below.

The Learning Center

Perkiomen School's Academic Support Faculty in Classroom

Meet the Learning Center faculty: Mr. Michael Romasco and Ms. Michelle Squitieri

"The Learning Center has provided additional structure for our son through a warm and nurturing environment. Ms. Squitieri, in particular, has become a trusted and welcome resource, and is always willing to go the extra mile to help. We are so grateful to have a strong advocate for our son who both understands and appreciates him."
Michelle Stroffolino Schmidt, Ph.D., P '22

The Learning Center (TLC) at Perkiomen School provides services for students with learning differences. The Learning Center is a comprehensive learning support program that includes a full-time academic class, 1:1 customized support, and multifaceted progress monitoring.

Our Mission

We encourage every student enrolled in The Learning Center to cultivate the following:

  1. A growth mindset: the acute awareness that intelligence and learning is not fixed but rather malleable. It is the belief that one can learn more and grow intellectually with hard work and perseverance. 
  2. Signature strengths: developing the capacity to identify and deploy their personal and academic strengths in service of actualizing their full potential and overcoming learning challenges.
  3. Metacognition & Resiliency: growing in one's ability to reflect on the ways in which they learn and understanding that one can thrive amidst adversity; perceiving challenges as opportunities to understand one's own unique gifts.


Michael Romasco
Director of Learning Center
at Perkiomen School since 2005

Michelle Squitieri
Learning Specialist
at Perkiomen School since 2019

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