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Perkiomen School Celebrates Highlights of 2019


Perkiomen School continues to emerge as a leader in education. Looking back on major announcements and faculty accomplishments, as well as cultural, athletic, and educational experiences, in 2019 Perkiomen has taken another step forward, living out our motto of "Risk Becoming Your Best."


"We are open to examining what real learning looks like now and what it is going to look like in the next four decades. We are unafraid to break new ground, creating deep and relevant learning opportunities for our students. I am eager to see where they take us."  -- Mark A. Devey, Head of School


What are we celebrating about 2019?  Here are 10 highlights from our year at Perkiomen School:


1. With the launch of our new Artificial Intelligence Institute, Perkiomen School continues to provide a competitive edge for students.

Artificial Intelligence influences the greatest force of technological development happening in the world, however, it is common that high school students know little about how it works, its opportunities, or its dangers. Perkiomen School is leading the charge to change that.    

The Artificial Intelligence Institute joined Perkiomen’s Entrepreneur and Medical Institutes as pathways for students to develop distinct and creative competencies and prepare for the hybrid jobs of the future. 



2. Perkiomen Hosts 2nd Annual Disrupting Education Symposium: Enlightening College Admissions 

Disrupting the perception that student success comes solely from highly-selective pathways, Perkiomen School gathered experts from higher and secondary education to focus on a topic that has been in the headlines and affects educators, administrators, parents, students, and counselors. This year “Operation Varsity Blues” made headlines as a complex bribing and cheating scandal was uncovered within the world of selective college admission. Perkiomen strives to change the conversation to focus and redefine a ‘good college’ as transformative – a school where students will not only meet, but exceed their personal and professional goals. 

Missed the symposium? View the live stream on our You Tube channel.  


3. Perkiomen School Pioneers first 8-Player Football League in Pennsylvania and wins first state title 

Perkiomen School successfully initiated the formation of the first 8-man football league in Pennsylvania history, leading the way for the new three-team league to begin regional competition for the 2019-2020 school year. Perkiomen School, Mercersburg Academy, and Valley Forge Military Academy now play in Pennsylvania as the Keystone State 8-Player Football League (KSFL). 

After an exciting inaugural season, Perkiomen School earned the title of the first Keystone State Football League Champions, defeating Mercersburg Academy 32-14.  



4. Five Perkiomen students commit to playing Division I collegiate sports

The Perkiomen School community celebrated six student athletes who committed to play Division I collegiate sports.

Chris Arcidiacono ’19, Basketball: Villanova University

Keeshawn Kellman ‘19, Basketball: Princeton University

Bryce Porter ’20, Baseball: Siena College

David Smith ’19, Baseball: LaSalle University

Carlos Torres ’19, Baseball: Lehigh University


5.  Perkiomen’s Athletic Director named to Tri-County Chapter of Pennsylvania Athletic Hall of Fame

Ken Baker has served as Director of Athletics at Perkiomen School since 1976 and has been coaching Perkiomen Baseball for the past 32 years; the last 30 years as head coach. Coach Baker has guided the Perkiomen Panthers to 25 consecutive league championships. Baker took over the baseball program in 1990 and has compiled a record of 499 wins. In 2003, he celebrated his 200th career win with a 23-0 undefeated season. In 2005, he celebrated 250 wins. Since the first league championship 25 years ago, the team has had a winning percentage of 80 percent. 



6.  Perkiomen’s Director of College Counseling Named to NACAC Board of Directors

David Antoniewicz, Director of College Counseling, joined the board of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) for one year as a board director and coordinator of the NACAC Affiliate Presidents Council.

NACAC, founded in 1937, is an organization of more than 15,000 professionals from around the world dedicated to serving students as they make choices about pursuing postsecondary education. The organization has remained committed to providing knowledge, networking, and ethical standards for college admission and counseling professionals.


7.  Perk G Sports facilitates participation in the inaugural BreakThrough Summit 

The BreakThrough Summit is a digital leadership summit designed to develop and celebrate women in sports. Perk G Sports hosted the event with a live stream in Mesnier Chapel to hear from the top women in sports leadership. Attendees had access to a private chatroom to share ideas, discuss the sessions and share knowledge with colleagues nationwide. 


8.  Entrepreneur and Medical Institute experiences 

On-campus panels discussing the pharmaceutical industry and intellectual property brought experienced professionals to Perkiomen School to share their knowledge and expertise and answer questions from students and faculty. A biomechanics evaluation for the baseball team allowed Institute students to witness the ways in which technology connects to sports and medicine.  

Off-site experiences like a cadaver workshop at Venel Institute, simulation labs at Cedar Crest College School of Nursing, and a pitch competition at Drexel University provide students a unique hands-on opportunity to apply classroom knowledge and skills now as high school students.  



9.  Red Hill Band wows the crowd at Fall Family Weekend

Our annual Hewett Concert featured the Red Hill Band entertaining a crowd of all ages during Fall Family Weekend.  The Red Hill Band’s artistic mission is to continue the tradition of band concerts in parks and at civic and social events, playing marches, show tunes and other traditional concert band music.


10.  Kriebel Hall Carillion Chime returns

The Kriebel Hall carillon chime has returned thanks to the efforts of Perkiomen School teacher, Mr. James Jones. They now chime each hour during the school day, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 


Where will Perkiomen School be heading in 2020?  See for yourself.  

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