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Arts Department adds six courses for 2022-23 school year

Perkiomen School offers students the freedom to pursue what they are truly passionate about. The spirit of exploration and discovery is infused in every lesson - whether students are learning more about the world, or their own interests.  

For the 2022-23 school year, Perkiomen School has some new additions to the course catalog, expanding offerings in the Art Department to provide more opportunities for students. Six new courses are being added, allowing students to grow within a specialty and do more work in subjects that they enjoy. 

For students with an interest in music and performance, look for new courses in Vocal Arts, Composition, and Middle School Rock Band

The Vocal Arts course will give Perkiomen singers an opportunity to perform different genres for their peers, allowing them to receive constructive feedback to help them master this art.  Composition will be tailored to student composers of all levels to foster creativity and music writing in any genre.  The third course, Middle School Rock Band, will be devoted to ensemble performances for students in grades 6-8. This will mainly be for instrumental musicians but can also feature solo vocalists.  

Perkiomen Middle School Rock Band drummer

“We are excited about these additions,” says Charlotte Finnerty, Director of Music, “and we are looking forward to expanding both the instrumental and vocal program at Perkiomen.”  

In the Artificial Intelligence Institute, there is an overall goal for students to understand how the programs they use in their daily life truly function.

“What better way to find how creators keep us engaged than by creating your own video game, website, or app?” says Allison Rodgers, Director of the Artificial Intelligence Institute.  “I've had an influx of students asking me ‘how do I make an app?’ this year, and I'm excited to invite those folks to join in this experience!”


The Art Department has added Video Game Design, Web Design, and App Design, allowing students to experience and learn what goes on behind the scenes of these platforms. These courses will introduce students to coding concepts, the design thinking process, and the process of iteration. They are also cross-listed courses, meaning that while they can help students fulfill requirements for the Entrepreneur, Medical, or Design Institute, they are not exclusive to students in the Institutes.

“Anyone interested can learn in these courses,” says Rodgers. “So if you are interested in video games, apps, and websites, these new courses may be what you are looking for.”


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