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It is solved by living: No one fights alone

The Four Diamonds organization’s Mini-THON supports pediatric cancer patients and their families undergoing treatment at Penn State Children’s Hospital. All of the money raised goes to cancer research or to families directly to help pay medical bills. I have seen many other area schools who participate in Mini-THONs and inspired me to bring the event to Perkiomen School. This was also another perfect way to show our support for a student in our own community who is fighting against cancer. We try to remind him often that “no one fights alone” and our school truly came together to show support for him and for every child battling cancer.

I am so thankful for this opportunity, and the help from the Assistant Director of Student Life Programming Ms. Goupil, to make this a successful event. Perkiomen School changed its Day of Service model for this year and dedicated the entire day to hosting our Mini-Thon. We dedicated an H period for the whole school to plan a part of the Mini-Thon. Each grade level planned an hour of the day so that everyone was involved. Student leaders volunteered to take charge of hosting an event such as running a dodgeball game or planning a scavenger hunt. The whole school was involved which was a huge help in making the day successful! Students and faculty raised funds by asking for sponsorships. We also held a bake sale and a craft sale to increase our funds. Finally, the day ended with a dance party where the whole school celebrated.

My hope is that the school community valued working together toward a common goal of serving others. I appreciate that at Perkiomen, I have an opportunity to share my ideas and have my voice heard to create something new. I hope we can have a mini-THON next year and surpass our goal from this year!

By Serena Diliberto ‘20

Serena Diliberto ’20 is a day student from Pennsburg, Pa. She is a peer tutor and a campus tour guide. Serena especially enjoys being a tour guide because she has the opportunity to meet and interact with new Perkiomen families and share her love of the school. Serena plays soccer for Perkiomen and has been active in dance since she was two-years-old.

I chose to come to Perkiomen because of its welcoming community, diverse student body, and the abundant opportunities that are available to us. I am a part of the Medical Institute and have an interest in pediatric neurology. The institutes are just one of the many examples of opportunities available to students and I’ve been fortunate to already participate in workshops about anesthesia and suturing. I value the close relationships I make with students and faculty members who encourage me to risk becoming my best.
Serena Diliberto ‘20