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Breaking News: 6 Tips to Read and Share Responsibly

Lately, many of us have found ourselves consuming news and information on a constant basis. Television news, social media, and websites are available and updated 24 hours a day.  

Several recent world events led to controversial conversations and heightened emotion, some of which were fueled by misinformation or disinformation. 

How do we define these terms and what is the difference?

Misinformation is the dissemination of false information wither knowing it to be false, or unknowingly.

Disinformation is the dissemination of false information with the intent to deceive or mislead.

We need to be savvy consumers and sharers of information.  It is important to keep in mind that it is up to each individual to take responsibility for how one processes and shares information when it comes to “breaking news.”

In the presentation linked below, Perkiomen School's Librarian Katie Hammond summarizes a few tips from The Breaking News Consumers Handbook created by “On the Media,” an award-winning public radio show and podcast that examines difficult issues in the media.


Screen Shot of Breaking News Presentation



Six Reminders for Consuming, Processing, and Sharing "Breaking News" 

1.     In the immediate aftermath, news outlets will get things wrong.  Things can be chaotic as they are unfolding.

2.     Be careful about trusting anonymous sources. This can make it difficult to evaluate the point of view or authority.

3.     Pay attention to language.  Phrases can have coded meanings. 

4.     Compare multiple sources to be sure that information is being reported by more than one news outlet.

5.     Big news can bring out big manipulation. Consumers can be taken advantage of when there is a high desire for information. 

6.     Beware of what you share.  When you share, you are acting as a reporter.  Don’t spread misinformation. 


Check out these additional resources for helping students learn to spot misinformation and evaluate information:

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About Katie Hammond, Director of Library Services, Perkiomen School

Katie Hammond has been Director of Library Services at Perkiomen since 2009. Following her curiosity about young people’s information seeking skills and habits, she earned her MS in Library and Information Science from Drexel University specializing in youth services. Katie is a member of ALA, PSLA, ISTE, and AISL. She serves on the PA Young Readers’ Choice Award Committee and you can find her on the AISL blog, Independent Ideas.  

I believe in young people's power to ask questions of their world, build new understanding, and promote justice. I believe that inquisitive minds, a love of reading, and encouragement in the pursuit of one's passions are grown and tended in a school library. Katie Hammond, Director of Library Services, Perkiomen School