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Valuing Integrity and Agency in the College Admissions Process

At Perkiomen School, our motto is Solvitur vivendo – it is solved by living. We believe and we model that experience is the best teacher – for students, families, and our own faculty.  

That motto and our mission to inspire students to risk becoming their best permeates between academics and extra-curriculars, athletics and arts, and school and home. We know that developing this mindset now sets a student up for success and leads to a life that embraces hard work, balance, agency, and responsibility. We encourage students to write their own life story, define who they are and what excites them, and to be unafraid to take the next step.  

For every Perkiomen student, that next step is attending college or university. With three dedicated counselors, Perkiomen’s Office of College Counseling offers each student personalized support. Mirroring the motto of Solvitur vivendo, the counselors instill that the best preparation for college acceptance is to be involved and purposeful in the student’s approach to high school. There is no mold for a student to fill. There is no secret formula for success. The goal is for each student to find their “right fit” college – academically, socially, and financially – and to be accepted for being their best selves.

College admissions conversations are woven seamlessly throughout the school year. Deadlines, responsible test taking, and ethical test prep are discussed with individual classes. Our Director of Testing ensures that our on-site testing space complies with College Board and ETS requirements and that students and families have notice and access to test prep resources. We offer families a college admissions handbook and host a workshop with admissions staff from a variety of universities to answer questions and give insight. We intend for the process to be a partnership, educating both students and parents, but also a positive stage in the students’ lives. This is an integral part of my role as Headmaster and an ongoing conversation that I have with all students and families, offering support, guidance, and advice.     

Perhaps most importantly, Perkiomen provides a supportive, nurturing culture and opportunities to reinforce that it is the student who must drive the process, which includes self-reflection, goal-setting, and time management. There is no quick way to do it; no cheat code to get to the end. The culmination of this maturation process comes when the student decides what path to follow following commencement, having the courage and support to outline their unique path to success.  

Our role as educators is to prepare students for college and for the world. What is essential is that throughout the college application process, all interactions and support remain intrinsic to our mission and in alignment with the values and integrity of Perkiomen School.

College Counseling

By Mark A. Devey, Headmaster

Mark Devey was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and raised in Bethlehem, PA, where he grew up attending Moravian Academy. At the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, he earned a BA in English and went on to earn a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Klingenstein Center Teachers College in Educational Leadership, with a concentration in Private School Leadership.

Headmaster Devey began his teaching career at Fessenden School where he taught English and also served as coach, theater director, and dorm parent. Subsequently, he has worked as an Assistant Academic Dean of Students at Harvard-Westlake School, Middle School Head at The Kinkaid School, Head of Middle School at The Episcopal Academy, and Head of School at Indian Mountain School.

He has swiftly molded his legacy at Perkiomen School since arriving in 2015. Mr. Devey’s creation of the Entrepreneur Institute, fueled by a multi-million-dollar campaign to fund Perkiomen’s state-of-the-art Innovation Center, began as a spark of an idea that has quickly redefined the education model. This trend of innovative learning is strengthened further with the additions of the Medical and Artificial Intelligence Institutes.

Perkiomen School is thriving as we continue to develop learning opportunities that prepare our students for college, for life, and for discovering happiness. There are a variety of ways for students to achieve success. My experience suggests that a nurturing, supportive environment with high expectations and integrity allows students to value each other, take risks, take ownership of their education, and celebrate their uniqueness.  Mark A. Devey, Headmaster