It Depends: a college counseling series

Welcome to It Depends, a new series from the College Counseling Office.  

There is one phrase that we say daily in our office: 

“It depends...”   

The process of selecting a college or university has so many different factors that it is nearly impossible to give a direct answer when asked a general question.   


  • Should I submit my SAT scores?   
  • Should I apply to this college or that college?   
  • What do I write my essay about?   


More often than not, the answer is: It depends.  It depends on your individual circumstances.  It depends on your family structure.  It depends on the desires of the student.  It depends on the ever-changing needs and goals of the universities. 

“It depends” is meant to lead to further discussion. It is an opportunity for us as counselors to ask follow-up questions. It is a chance for us to gather more information about each child in this process. We are student-centered.  We know every student is unique and therefore every process will be unique.  

This series aims to share some varying perspectives on all-things college related.  We know this is not a one-size-fits-all time your lives, so how do we get started?   

In each post, listed below, I will pose a question to ChatGPT about the college process and then respond and add perspective to the AI generated response. The goal is to provide the general content anyone could find on internet forums, or websites, or through AI, but to go one step further and add the expertise, experience, and perspective of an experienced counselor. 

AI content will be displayed in normal text, while my comments will be bolded to distinguish between the two perspectives. 

Let's get started.

Co-Director of College Counseling
Perkiomen School

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Keegan Ash and Xaivian Lee behind a table at college signing day


Congratulations to Mr. Ash!  The It Depends Blog Series was named an Award Winner in the 2023 Brilliance Awards, which recognizes private school marketing worldwide.  Click HERE to read the judge's comments.