Entrepreneur Institute

Making A Liberal Arts Education Relevant Through Application

The mission of The Entrepreneur Institute at Perkiomen School is to make a liberal arts education relevant to students through rigorous application. In addition to Perkiomen’s graduation requirements, students receiving a Perkiomen School Certificate in Entrepreneurship will have completed the Foundations of Entrepreneurship course, a minimum of two cross-listed supporting courses, as well as a capstone project. The capstone project represents a substantial investment of time and effort to solve a problem and create value in the world. Whether creating for-profit products or businesses, or non-profit socially driven enterprises, students learn and demonstrate resiliency, cooperation, communication, calculated risk taking, creative thinking, and confidence.

Shaun Yorgey '97
Director of Entrepreneur Institute
At Perkiomen School since 2006


Students have access to a full suite of classes supporting their entrepreneurial learning. The Foundations of Entrepreneurship course and a minimum of two cross-listed courses are required to earn the Perkiomen School Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Cross-listed courses count toward graduation requirements in their home department, as well as toward the certificate. Cross-listed courses focus on the application of knowledge and skills, and will ideally support a student’s capstone project.

  1. Foundations of Entrepreneurship: This project-based, year-long course will provide the base for students to succeed in the Entrepreneurial Program. Students will undergo a process of personal reflection as they develop an understanding of what excites and engages them. They will examine how they interact with the world, cooperate and work with others, and lead and manage a process to completion. The course will emphasize specific skills in business development such as marketing, finance, and management
  2. Cross Listed Courses:
    • Fine Arts Department
      • Graphic Design & Marketing
      • Honors Graphic Design & Marketing
      • Additive Manufacturing
      • Music Production
    • History Department
      • AP® Microeconomics
      • AP® Macroeconomics
      • AP® Psychology
    • Math Department
      • Computer Programming
      • Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications
      • AP® Statistics
      • AP® Computer Science Principles
    • Science Department
      • Engineering & Applied Science
      • Biotechnology: Applications of Research
    • English Department
      • Creating the Edge: Entrepreneurship Literature
    • Capstone Project: Students will engage in a significant and rigorous enterprise. The capstone project will be the synthesis of all of the knowledge a student has developed during their education. Capstone projects may be an individual or group enterprises.
    • Diploma Option for Entrepreneurial Distinction
      • Upon successful completion of their capstone students that meet all the requirements of the Entrepreneurial Program (see details) will receive a special Entrepreneurial Distinction on their diploma and their transcript will reflect the course title of Entrepreneurship Program and Capstone with a letter grade of an A and six credits.


                    Students will engage in a significant and rigorous enterprise. They will design and manage a major project from conception through launch. They will need to communicate to multiple constituencies throughout the process. The capstone project will be the synthesis of all the knowledge a student has developed during their education. Capstone projects may be individual or group enterprises.

                      • Initial approval: Idea summary of the need or opportunity a project will fill
                      • Create a plan: Develop a more detailed proposal with a timeline, scope, team, and board
                      • Project Board Creation: selection of those individuals who will guide and assess your enterprise
                      • Execution: complete the project, adapt and iterate as needed to complete, provide regular updates on the process, and document the process (must be completed by January of senior year)
                      • Authentic Audience Presentation: This real-world connection will provide much needed perspective
                      • Portfolio Creation: using a clear format (of a student’s choosing) show evidence of competencies outlined in Capstone Portfolio document
                      • Board Approval Presentation: pitch your enterprise to your board for final approval

                    Innovation Center

                    The newly created facility housing the Entrepreneur Institute is purpose-built to support all student work. It is a highly flexible space lending itself to very diverse possibilities. There are spaces designed to facilitate creativity and ideation, as well as collaboration throughout the facility. A full suite of rapid prototyping equipment will support technical entrepreneurship, and the impressive array of technology available will support all endeavors. The new Entrepreneurial Ecosystem will inspire and support all phases of enterprise and is a resource available to the entire Perkiomen community. We welcome current students completing a capstone, those with an idea they wish to explore further, a creative faculty member, or alumni who wish to engage in the creation of something new. This facility is a hub of innovation of all kinds.

                    Entrepreneurial Incubator

                    The Entrepreneurial Incubator is an after-school activity during the winter term. During this time students can engage in intensive work on their enterprise. The time is supported by faculty with expertise in entrepreneurship as well as technical areas for those working in product development. Most significantly, it is a time when students collaborate and help one another sharing their expertise. The Incubator is not a requirement to completing a capstone; however it is a significant aid in completing one.


                    Perkiomen is partnering with Penn State University to bring an unmatched experience to up and coming entrepreneurs. Campers will have full days with experienced entrepreneurs, and top faculty from Penn State Lehigh Valley, and Perkiomen School. They will learn manufacturing, marketing, presentation skills, and be inspired to develop their ideas into a viable product, service, or company. Learning is hands-on!

                    Dual Enrollment Opportunity

                      • Students enrolled in the Entrepreneur Camp have the opportunity to receive 3 college credits through a dual-enrollment option.

                    Dates: June 19 to 30

                    Grade: 9 to 12

                    Times: Overnight, boarding camp

                    Cost: $1,950; additional $900 if dual enrollment course is selected

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                    Air, Train, Plane or Bus

                      • Driving Directions: Perkiomen’s address is 200 Seminary Street, Pennsburg, PA 18073
                      • Airports: The closest major airports are Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Lehigh Valley International (ABE). If you are interested in ride sharing please contact the Alumni Office.
                      • Train Stations: 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, located approximately one hour from campus, is the closest Amtrak Station. Norristown, PA also has a train station that is approximately 40 minutes away by taxi and is accessible from the Philadelphia Airport.
                      • Car Services and Cabs: Call J & J Transportation at 1-800-726-5466 or 610-776-1516. Call Valley Cab Company at (215) 679-6215.

                    Student Innovation Panel

                    Student Innovation Panel