Institutes at Perkiomen

Perkiomen’s cutting-edge Institutes truly embody the school’s motto Solvitur Vivendo: It is solved by living. Students explore their passions by digging into projects, engaging with real-world problems, and pushing through unforeseen barriers as they investigate future career paths.  

Starting in middle school and gaining momentum in upper school, the Institutes at Perkiomen encourage students to generate novel ideas based on their interests and then put them into action. Through introductory coursework, cross-listed classes, field trips, and a culminating capstone project, students weave together knowledge and practice as they confidently discover new things. Working with on-campus mentors and real-world professionals, students are guided through their experiences but have ultimate agency over the process. The Institute diploma distinction option gives participants a potential differentiation in the college admissions process.

Preparing students today to thrive in the context of the future requires a bold and forward-facing approach to learning. We are sculpting an innovative model based on sound best practices. Come learn more and be a part of the conversation.


Artificial Intelligence Institute

Entrepreneur Institute

Medical Institute