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The Institutes at Perkiomen: Artificial Intelligence Institute

The mission of the Artificial Intelligence Institute is to help students understand how the interaction and application of emerging technologies impact their lives. In the scope of liberal arts education, we want our students to think critically and broadly. 

The world today is heavily programmed. To understand how our devices, apps, and social media are impacting our daily lives, it’s important to understand the decisions made around how those things are programmed. We want our students to face the future understanding and pushing back against this programming. What does that look like?  Maybe they explore computer science and dig deep into programming more ethical and equitable solutions? Maybe that means that they understand the ethics behind human error and computer error? Maybe they embrace the technological change that’s coming, and question their assumptions around data, privacy, and sharing.

This institute offers students an edge with deep learning experiences where we spark students’ natural curiosities and create opportunities for individualized projects that allow one to tinker, investigate, and invest in ideas that will prepare them for careers that have not yet been invented.

Students learn and demonstrate resiliency, cooperation, communication, calculated risk taking, creative thinking, and confidence.

Allison Rodgers
Director of the Artificial Intelligence Institute
at Perkiomen School since 2018

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In Episode 20 of the Cookies & Cupolas Podcast: "AI is Taking Over (Sort Of)" Logan Brassington '22 speaks to head of the AI Institute, Allison Rodgers about her role in the Institute.