Design Institute

The Institutes at Perkiomen: Design Institute

The Design Institute will focus on articulating and developing the integral skill of employing strategic and user-focused thinking to solve real-world problems.

In Design, Perkiomen School and collaborating institutions will guide students in developing their inner organizational and creative skillsets, in a methodology often summarized as empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and implement.  Students will become trained to visualize the paths between problems and solutions. They will master structured, deliberate thinking as the foundation for success wherever their bright futures find them. 

  • In the private sector – where entrepreneurs serve as liaisons between investors and consumers, where engineers imagine tomorrow’s aerospace reality and artists transcend time and space to foment tomorrow’s imagination. 
  • Or in the nonprofit and not-for-profit arena – from a private school using it to build a new student center to the Red Cross delivering aid in a war zone. 
  • And in the public sphere, where design thinking is everywhere – from a town changing a bus route or improving a park, to a state updating its computer servers or adding a satellite location to its university system, or a nation planning lunar mining infrastructure, or implementing a central bank digital currency, or writing the policies that will guide the unfolding AI revolution. 

Design thinking is the core of human progress.  Perkiomen students who choose the Design Institute will embark on a journey towards mental mastery and strength; to the greater attainment of their personal, professional, and creative potential; it will provide the footing for a diverse field of students to become tomorrow’s leaders.  

Louisy Roest
Director of the Design Institute
at Perkiomen School since 2013