Medical Institute

The mission of the Medical Institute at Perkiomen School is to encourage students interested in Medical and STEM professions to pursue their passions. In addition to graduation requirements, students receiving Medical Distinction will have completed a minimum of three cross-listed supporting courses, ten hours of external experiences, and a practicum. The external experiences, provide an opportunity for students to explore various medical professions, allow students to interact with professionals, and provide them with hands-on learning experiences. The rigorous senior project requires students to research a topic they are passionate about, collect and analyze data, and present their findings to the community. Student projects are reviewed by our Institutional Review Board to ensure that the research methods are safe and protect participant confidentiality. Through this program students risk becoming their best, learn and demonstrate grit, resiliency, perseverance, cooperation, effective communication and problem-solving. This program embodies the Perkiomen motto, Solvitur vivendo - it is solved by living.

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Foundations of Medical Science

Scientific Research and Design

Cross-Listed Coursework in: English, Fine Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, or Science Departments or a pre-approved alternative course (Perkiomen or non-Perkiomen course)

Diploma Option for Medical Distinction:
Upon successful completion of their practicum students that meet all the requirements of the Medical Institute will receive a special Medical Distinction on their diploma and their transcript will reflect the course title of Medical Program and Practicum with a letter grade of A and six credits.

External Experience

The external experience requirement may be satisfied through:

  • Perkiomen School Summer Veterinary Camp
  • Perkiomen School weekend workshops (offered October, April, and May)
  • Perkiomen School Winter term weekend class (example: EMT Training, First Aid/CPR, personal training, yoga instructor)
  • Pre-approved shadow programming


Practicum Options:

  • AP Research – offered as an after school activity Note: Completing AP Seminar and Research and two additional AP classes will qualify students to earn an AP diploma
  • Literature Review and Publication
  • Field work with mentor

Medical Institute Enrollment

Institute Enrollment:

Students who seek Medical Distinction will need to complete a Medical Distinction Plan that outlines how they will complete each of the program requirements (coursework, external experience, and practicum).

The Medical Distinction Plan should be completed no later than January 1 of the candidate’s junior year. Plans submitted after January 1 will be considered for acceptance based on prior work completed.

All students are encouraged to participate in all phases of the Medical Institute, including those not seeking Medical Distinction.

Medical Institute Partners

  • Cedar Crest College School of Nursing
  • St. Luke's Medical Center

Connect with Perkiomen students as a Medical Institute Partner. Become a mentor, panelist, or manage a field experience site. Contact Carol Dougherty or take our partner survey.