iPad Program

Our iPad program powers academic technology at Perkiomen School. All students are expected to have an iPad, a sturdy case, and a keyboard for their iPad. Additionally, we recommend students bring an Apple Pencil (or the equivalent) and an additional charger. Most students purchase their own iPads. Students may lease an iPad from Perkiomen. If you choose to lease an iPad, you will receive your iPad and initial setup instructions at registration. Students should purchase their electronic books once they arrive on campus. Many e-textbooks have an expiration date, so it is important not to purchase your books early.

Students are required to bring their iPad to all classes and comply with all school rules. The school will be using the iPads as teaching tools in every department. The iPad will function in so many different ways—source of information, access for educational apps, organizational tool, project creator, research and communication device, note taker, assessment tool, and even word processor if students want to use it that way. Computers are still available on campus, of course. This program allows students and faculty consistent and equal access to 21st-century skills through the use of the same platform and technology.

Students will use their iPad:

  • to track assignments, homework, and class projects
  • to access the internet to research information needed for class projects
  • to create on-line presentations
  • to access Office 365, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and their One Drive
  • to run a variety of applications to enhance their learning experience in class
  • to read electronic books, tests, newspapers and magazines
  • to take standardized tests from The College Board (PSATs, SATs, some Advanced Placement tests)

iPad FAQs