iPad Program

All Perkiomen students will arrive on campus and go through the registration process, which is when they receive their Perkiomen School iPad if they do not bring one to campus. All students will be walked through the preliminary sign-in at that time. A more in-depth training session on how to use the iPad will occur for all students the next morning when they will meet with their teachers and advisors. Electronic books will be purchased at this time as well if students have not yet been able to download books.

Students are required to bring their iPad to all classes and comply with all school rules. The school will be using the iPads as teaching tools in every department. The iPad will function in so many different ways—source of information, access for educational apps, organizational tool, project creator, research and communication device, note taker, assessment tool, and even word processor if students want to use it that way. Computers are still available on campus, of course. This program allows students and faculty consistent and equal access to 21st century skills through use of the same platform and technology.

Students will use their iPad:

    • to track assignments, homework and class projects
    • to access the internet to research information needed for class projects
    • to create on-line presentations
    • to word process class papers and projects
    • to run a variety of applications to enhance their learning experience in class
    • to read electronic books, tests, newspapers and magazines

iPad FAQs

Who gets an iPad?

All 2019-2020 enrolled Perkiomen students will receive an iPad if they do not bring their own to campus ($225 per year lease fee). The school iPads are 128 GB wifi devices. However, we recommend that students use 128 GB or 256 GB if they are bringing their own iPad to school.

How will the School know how many students will need iPads?

Every family needs to fill out the brief iPad Survey. The survey should be done by June 30, so we can plan for the fall. The survey asks if the student will bring an iPad to campus in the fall or if the student will opt to lease an iPad from the school.

I already have an iPad. Will I be able to use that one?

Yes. If you already have an iPad 2 or higher, you can use it in place of the one provided by the school. iPad Minis are allowed.

When will I first receive the iPad if I am not bringing one?

All students will participate in "Meet Your iPad" orientation during the first days of the Fall Term and will receive the iPad during those session.

Will there be any training on how to use the iPad?

Yes. Aside from the "Meet Your iPad" orientation and day-to-day use in the classroom, we will have training sessions for students throughout the year. We will also offer help sessions so students can just drop by with any questions or problems they might have.

May I opt out of the iPad altogether?

No. The benefits of a tool like this in a school situation can only be achieved if all students use the tool.

Who owns the iPad?

If a student brings one to campus, he or she clearly owns it and is responsible for the safety of the device. If a student receives one from the school, the iPad is still owned by Perkiomen School.

What type of insurance is offered for the iPad?

It is the students’ responsibility upon receipt of the iPad to care and maintain the iPad. We recommend that all students who bring an iPad to school purchase AppleCare. AppleCare must be purchased within 30 days of purchasing an iPad for those purchasing it on their own. Individuals can buy a used iPad and buy AppleCare, but they must make a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store to have it looked over by an Apple rep in order to do so.

With school owned iPads, Perkiomen has purchased an insurance plan that covers basic iPad repair. If there is an issue, the student would need to bring the iPad to the tech department, and the school would then take care of the AppleCare coverage. Here is what is covered:

- Screen and Case damage (2 incidents per iPad, each incident after the first two a $49 fee will be charged)

- Cabling/Port/Charging failure and damage

- Battery failure

- Should an iPad be damaged beyond repair, it will be replaced for a $49 fee (2 times per coverage period)

- Water Damage is sometimes covered based on the circumstance.

Should a student have extra insurance on the iPad?

That decision is up to the individual family. School owned computers have insurance for the full three-year term of the lease. However, there is no guarantee for lost or stolen devices. The Worth Ave. Group has a great plan at $39 per year per iPad for individuals to purchase that covers water damage and loss/theft. www.worthavegroup.com

Will I still need a laptop/desktop computer?

Will I have to buy a specific protective case?

No, the students will have the opportunity to personalize their iPads. There are many different types of iPad cases available. Some cases come with keyboards, but many do not. There are also separate keyboards that students can purchase, but the school will not provide cases or keyboards. Our school bookstore, Robbie’s, will have some iPads cases available for purchase.

Can I install my own apps?

Yes. We want students to be able to load their own Apps. Students will be responsible for keeping their Apps (and all data) synced and up to date.

If I use my own iPad, how will I get the correct apps and what will they cost?

All the Apps that we are requiring will be available in the iTunes store. The list of required Apps on the website can be found on the Perk website.

Will I get to keep the iPad?

Possibly. All students will have the option of purchasing their iPad at the end of their senior year or if they leave Perkiomen School for the buy-out fee on the lease.

What happens if I leave Perkiomen School?

If a student leaves Perkiomen School before the completion of the academic year, for whatever reason, he or she will have two options. The student can simply return the iPad to Perkiomen School and avoid any charges. The student also has the option of purchasing the iPad.

Will all textbooks be in digital form next year?

Yes, with very few exceptions.

Textbooks will be available in an electronic version next year. What about novels that are required reading in some classes?

The novels that will be used in class are available electronically. PDF's can also be read on the iPad.

How do I purchase content for the iPad?

There are many ways of getting content onto the iPad, but the primary sources will be through Amazon and iTunes.

I understand that I will need access to an iTunes account to use with the iPad. Don't iTunes accounts require a credit card?

Credit cards can be used to set up an iTunes account. Also, since iTunes cards can be bought in various amounts, an iTunes account can be created that does not have a credit card attached to it. In order to make any purchases, a student would need to first purchase and add an iTunes gift card to the account. Once the gift card amount has been used, no further purchases can be made until another gift card is added. iTunes gift cards can be purchased at Robbie’s.

Won't the iPad be a distraction in class? Will the students play games in class or go on social media instead of staying on task?

Educating the students on how to use the technology responsibly and efficiently will continue to be a priority. Students will take these lessons with them to college.

Our faculty members have already faced this same issue because of laptop computers and other electronic devices. Perkiomen teachers will always continue learning new techniques that will help keep students focused on the lesson at hand.

If the iPad has to be sent off for repair, will I be at a disadvantage in class?

If there is a problem with an iPad received from the school, the iPad should be returned to the Perkiomen Technology Department so that we can send it off for repair. During this time, we will supply a loaner iPad.

Students who own their own iPads will be responsible for taking the device to a local Apple Store. The school may able to provide a loaner iPad during the time that the iPad is being fixed.

Do students get to take the iPads with them during the summer?

While students are still enrolled in Perkiomen School, they may take their iPads with them during the summer time.