Middle School

The Middle School offers students grades 6-8 a comprehensive, challenging, purposeful and integrated academic program. The classroom experience emphasizes the interdisciplinary relationships among subjects, helping the Middle School student to learn about one subject through another. Unique programming in the Middle School grants students access to all three Institutes and the Innovation Center. Students learn the iterative process and leadership skills that they can carry with them throughout their educational career and beyond. The Middle School curriculum provides strategies tailored to each student's learning style that allow students to become critical and strategic thinkers as well as independent and confident learners in a global community.

The Middle School Program operates in conjunction with the Upper School program with the goal to provide Middle Schoolers the proficiencies that will lead to success in a high school setting. The Middle School faculty, coaches, and dorm parents appreciate the energy and enthusiasm that is integral when working with Middle School students. Each Middle School student is assigned an advisor who not only serves for academic guidance, but also helps the student with all aspects of school life.

Krishna Davda
Head of the Middle School
At Perkiomen School since 2018


The Middle School academic program is comprehensive, challenging, purposeful, and integrated. Thematic teaching emphasizes the interdisciplinary relationships among subjects, helping the Middle School student learn about one subject through another. The programs in grades 6-8 complement each other with a theme that unites the program for the year in many courses. The Middle School celebrates the themes and ideas explored during a Fine Arts festival in the spring.

The Signature Trips are a highlight of the year. For 6th and 7th graders, the focus of the trip is creating community and easing transitions. A sixth grade student may volunteer at a homeless shelter during their urban adventure, while a seventh grader scans the sea attentively for whales during the trip to Boston. The Eighth Grade trip is the capstone experience to Middle School. One student may participate in an experiment at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia while others share a meal with the settlers, in the original Jamestown Colony.

Outside the Classroom

Students are busy after class on weekdays as well as weekends. Perkiomen Middle School students enjoy engaging with other students and faculty which makes for a busy schedule. During the school day, the Middle School students can opt to take part in our Orchestra or Chorale Program. The programs inspire beginners as well as more advanced musicians, and lessons are available on campus for most instruments.

After school, all Middle School students participate in the after school activities program from 3:15 to 4:45 p.m. Middle School has competitive teams in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. During the winter term, the students can also swim or try out for the Middle School play. A student with a personal interest in a specific area not available here at Perkiomen may request to continue that off-site activity in lieu of an on-campus activity.

On weekends, there is a lively selection of weekend activities in which the Middle School students can participate. Off campus, there are museum trips, movie trips, and much more. A select group of these trips are designed just for the Middle School community: trips to the Promenade for shopping and movies, local zoos, pool parties and more. On campus, there are movies, variety shows, open mic nights, and casual athletic games (indoor soccer, volleyball, spirit activities) organized by the Upper and Middle School Senates. The Middle School Senate traditionally hosts three dances, a Halloween party, and a pool party during the school year. Another popular tradition is the Middle School Fine Arts Festival in the spring.