Upper School

The Upper School provides an academic program that is intentionally designed to prepare students, grades 9 – 12 and post-graduates, for college and beyond. Upper School faculty members teach a broad curriculum where students are encouraged to take academic risks and to learn by doing. The breadth and depth of our course offerings, including 30 AP® courses and advanced classes in every department allow students to personalize their transcript. Students and faculty build strong relationships through mutual respect and trust – faculty accessibility is a key component to this – every day incorporates time to meet with faculty – as teachers, advisors, and coaches.

Student leadership plays a role in every classroom and we encourage student voice and choice in regards to clubs and activities.

Jonathan Moser '97
Head of the Upper School
At Perkiomen School since 2007

Graduation Requirements

English (12 credits)

All students are required to complete four years of English study for graduation.

History (10 credits)

All students are required to complete three and one third years of History study for graduation, including one required year of United States History or AP® United States History. Students traditionally complete Foundations of the Modern World as freshman, Modern World History as sophomores, and either United States History or AP® United States History as juniors. The combination of three History term courses in either their junior or senior year can also satisfy the completion of one year of History study. Students may take Art History or AP® Art History but NOT both. Students are required to complete one term (equal to one credit) of an eligible religion elective for graduation.

Science (9 credits)

All students must complete three years of science for graduation. The science department subscribes to the Physics First model which means that students traditionally complete Physics as freshmen, Chemistry as sophomores and Biology as juniors. Students enrolled in ESL Composition and ESL Literature classes may be required to take ESL-1110 Physics.

Mathematics (9 credits)

All students are required to complete three years of mathematics up through Algebra 2 or the equivalent. The traditional sequence is: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry/Honors Geometry and Algebra 2/Trigonometry or Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus/Honors Pre-Calculus, Calculus/AP® Calculus AB, AP® Calculus BC. International students planning to enroll in AP® Statistics must have completed ESL Advanced classes or have the approval of the ESL Program Director.

World Languages (6 credits)

Upper School students are required to take two consecutive years (in Upper School) of the same world language regardless of whether or not they took world language courses in middle school. Three or four years are preferable for college admission. Qualified ESL students who transition into mainstream classes may be encouraged to take two to three consecutive years of the same world language.

Fine & Performing Arts (3 credits)

Students are required to complete one year of fine and performing arts study. Band and chorus meet every other day and taken in tandem satisfy the fine and performing arts credit. Two consecutive years of band or chorus also satisfy the fine arts requirement.

Other Courses (11 credits)

Students must supplement the required 49 course credits with 11 additional course credits of their choosing.


Health requirements are completed through the School’s Wellness Curriculum.

Physical Education

Perkiomen School does not offer physical education classes for upper school students. To satisfy the physical education requirement students must participate in after school activities. One trimester must be an interscholastic athletic team. There are several options each trimester.

Cum Laude Society

Perkiomen School is proud to announce that the Cum Laude Society has granted a membership charter to the school. This honor is due to the hard work and scholarly achievement of our students, and the teachers who help them grow into powerful learners. Perkiomen School chapter of the Cum Laude Society will recognize juniors and seniors who have reached the highest levels of academic achievement among their peers. This spring, installation of the new chapter will be marked by a ceremony where charter faculty members and qualifying juniors and seniors will be inducted into the society.

The Cum Laude Society comprises some of the finest independent schools in the United States. In District II members include: Episcopal Academy, Moravian, The Hill School, Mercersburg, Germantown Academy, Peddie, Blair, and Lawrenceville. Membership in Cum Laude is based upon academic achievement and denotes a student and a school with a demonstrated commitment to academic excellence.

The Cum Laude Society mission recognizes academic achievement in secondary schools for the purpose of promoting excellence (Areté), justice (Diké) and honor (Timé).

Through June 2012, Perkiomen continued to induct students into the Amantes Scientia chapter of the National Honor Society based on academic record and evaluation of their leadership, service and character by a faculty committee. After June 2012, the Amantes Scientia chapter became inactive. Students who were inducted into NHS will remain members regardless of chapter activity. Perkiomen School will continue to honor students who demonstrate outstanding leadership, service and character through the awarding of appropriate prizes. Subsequently, the students with the highest academic achievements will be recognized by induction into the Cum Laude Society.