Welcome to Perkiomen School. Here, we create possibilities because our community is a celebration of individuals, our space is transformative by design, and our impact is focused on the future. We know that experience is the best teacher and that the challenges of life can only be solved by digging in, taking part, and pushing through.


Our supportive environment enables our students to discover what they need to thrive, become strong self-advocates, stand up for their beliefs, and envision their futures. Each of our students is empowered to make positive change and try new things. Our participatory culture demonstrates both respect for individual affinities and the rewards of engaging within a larger community. I look forward to meeting you on campus soon and can’t wait to work with you throughout the application process.


Abby Parish Moser
Director of Admissions & Financial Aid
At Perkiomen School since 2011


October 2, 2020 -- Due continuing mitigation measures and limitations related to COVID-19, Perkiomen School understands that there may be delays in testing administration affecting the completion of applications. We will work with each student individually to formulate a plan. If you have questions, please contact