What sports do you offer?


Cross Country (coed)

Football (boys')

Volleyball (girls')

Golf (coed, additional fees)

Soccer (boys', girls')

Tennis (girls', top 20 players)

Badminton (coed, additional fees)

Boxing (coed, additional fees)


Soccer (boys', girls')


Basketball (boys', girls')

Strength & Conditioning (coed)

Swimming (boys', girls')

Boxing (coed, additional fees)

Badminton (coed, additional fees)

Winter Track (coed)


Basketball (boys', girls')

Swimming (coed, by tryout only)




Lacrosse (boys', girls')

Tennis (boys')

Track and Field (coed)

Golf (coed, additional fees)

Boxing (coed, additional fees)

Strength & Conditioning (coed, additional fees)

Badminton (coed, additional fees)


Lacrosse (boys', girls')

JV Baseball (by tryout only)

What arts programs do you offer?

Studio Art
Rock Band
Model UN

Does the school close for breaks? What are my options if I don't want to go home?

Perkiomen School closes its doors three times during the school year. First, the school is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday for approximately 8-10 days. Students will go home for this time frame or they have the option of a school trip to Disney World. The school closes for the winter holiday for three weeks. The third time it closes is for a two week spring break typically in mid-March. There is an optional trip to Germany and Poland during this time.

Are there community service opportunities and/or requirements?

Every Perkiomen student is required to complete six community service hours per year in order to graduate. Many students choose to volunteer more than the required number. There are opportunities to get involved in on campus projects and numerous opportunities in the surrounding community – many of which are organized by our Office of Student Activities!

What activities take place on the weekends?

There are numerous opportunities to keep busy on the weekends. Perkiomen offers off-campus trips throughout the year to many different places. Some examples are the King of Prussia Mall, Center Valley Promenade Shops – for a dinner and a movie, New York City, Philadelphia, whitewater rafting, and major and minor league sporting events. Other trips have consisted of ice skating at Penn’s Landing, paintball, skiing and snowboarding, and haunted houses around Halloween. If you prefer to stay on campus there are always options to keep you busy as well! Depending on the weekend we could have an on-campus movie night, indoor soccer tournament, open swim time in the pool, outdoor festival, concert, or game night. There are often Perk athletic teams playing a home game or an arts activity to support your friends. The Office of Student Activities works hard to ensure there are many options throughout the year of different things to do on the weekends. Day students are also welcome to take advantage of any of the trips!

Are scholarships available?

Yes! There are scholarships for both day and boarding students. Please visit the Scholarships page to learn more.

How does financial aid work?

The financial aid process is a separate application from the admissions application. The deadline to apply for both admission and financial aid is February 1 each year. Families interested in applying for need-based financial aid are encouraged to submit the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) provided by SSS by NAIS. Perkiomen will receive an electronic copy of the PFS. The PFS will calculate a family’s expected family contribution (EFC). Financial aid awards are sent with offers of admission on March 10. Families have until April 10 to review the offer of admission and financial aid award. For more specific information regarding the financial aid process at Perkiomen, please visit the tuition and fees page of our website.

Can I apply after the deadline?

The deadline to apply for admission is February 1 each year. For applicants who do not complete the admission process by February 1, decisions are made on a rolling basis as space allows. The first round of admission offers are sent on March 10 each year. Families have until April 10 to review the offer of admission. Late applicants will be offered admission as space and the financial aid budget allow, after the April 10 date.

Is there a school uniform or dress code?

On Mondays, students wear formal dress throughout the academic day and during formal dinner. Boys wear a dress shirt with a school tie and a navy blue blazer. They also wear Chino type dress pants with a belt, dark dress socks, and dress shoes. Girls wear a dress shirt or blouse with a navy blue blazer. They also wear Chino type dress pants with a belt or a solid colored skirt with dress shoes and dark dress socks, tights, or nylons.

On Tuesdays-Fridays during the academic day, the standard dress is more relaxed. Boys wear a Perkiomen polo shirt with Chino style dress pants and a belt. (Shorts can be worn during September and May only). Dress sneakers or sneakers can be worn. Girls also wear a Perkiomen polo shirt with either Chino style dress pants and a belt or a solid color skirt (shorts can be worn during May and September only). Dress shoes or sneakers can be worn.

How many students live in a dorm room?

Most of our students live in a room with one roommate. There are also a few rooms that are singles without a roommate.