Tuition & Fees

Financing a Perkiomen School Education

Perkiomen School is committed to enrolling a wide range of academically-qualified students who are eager to embrace our motto of Solvitor Vivendo – it is solved by living.

We realize that the dream to enroll a student in an independent school can often become a choice based on financial reality. We know families are interested in options for financing their student’s education and we are happy to work with you to clarify the process and explain financing options.

Last year, 40% of Perkiomen School students collectively received more than $6 million in financial assistance. Our Admissions and Financial Aid team strives to help as many families as possible: please note and adhere to our application deadlines to maximize your consideration for aid.

2019-2020 Tuition and Fees


Boarding Student (Grades 6-12, PG)$64,200
Upper School Day Student (Grades 9-12, PG) $36,500
Middle School Day Student (Grades 6-8)$34,200


English as a Second Language Department $10,900
Learning Center$9,600

There are book and technology fees for all students, which are estimated at approximately $735. Students may incur additional student life related fees, including optional charges for laundry service, transportation needs, health insurance, and an incidental account deposit. There is also a non-refundable application fee. Please discuss these specific fees with your admissions counselor.


Because of the compassion and generosity of the Perkiomen Community, we are fortunate to be able to offer several scholarships to talented students. Please click HERE to learn more about the awards available.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance at Perkiomen School is determined by a family's ability to meet educational expenses. Perkiomen creates greater opportunities by offering several types of financial assistance, including payment plans, scholarships, and need-based grants. The steps to apply for financial assistance are below:

Step 1: Complete a Parent Financial Statement (PFS).

Step 2: Upload all required forms by February 1 to SSS.

Please note that the Admissions and Financial Aid team is unable to consider requests for financial assistance after admission decisions are made.

Confidentiality Statement: All financial aid applications, grants, and associated documentation are held in strict confidence. Financial aid decisions and other related information will only be discussed with financial aid or admissions personnel. It is also the obligation of the family to not disclose financial aid information. As such, it is a violation of confidence to discuss your financial aid award with any third party.

Payment Plans & Methods

Payment Plans

  1. One Payment– Full Net Annual Tuition Due by July 15
    • Optional participation in TRP* available
  2. Two Payments– 65% Net Annual Tuition Due by July 15/Remaining 35% Net Annual Tuition Due by December 1
    • Required participation in TRP*
    • 1% Program Administrative Fee on net annual tuition
  3. Eight (8) Monthly Tuition Payments (July – February)– Not Available to Students with F-1 Visas
    • Required participation in TRP*
    • 2% Program Administrative Fee on net annual tuition

*The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) provides a prorated refund of the unused portion of the annual tuition for a fee of 4% of net annual tuition.

Payment Methods

Any payment of TUITION, DEPOSIT, and TUITION-RELATED FEES made by credit card will be charged a 3% convenience fee. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for tuition and tuition-related fees.

For families that do not wish to incur the convenience fee, we accept a number of other payment methods including check, ACH transfer (domestic families only) and wire transfers. Enrolled families can access the account numbers via MyBackpack.

Wire Information
QNB (Quakertown National Bank)
320 West Broad Street
PO Box 9005
Quakertown, PA 18951-9005

ABA# 031907790
Account #2100295 (List school as beneficiary and reference student's name)

Our bank is a small bank and does not have a SWIFT code. Your bank will make the wire transfer to a larger intermediary bank in the US and then the intermediary US bank will transfer the funds to Quakertown National Bank using our ABA code.