Why Perkiomen?

At Perkiomen, we know that experience is the best teacher, and that the challenges of life can only be solved by digging in, taking part, and pushing through. Our students learn to take calculated risks and to create value wherever they go.

Our close knit, caring, accomplished faculty create a highly participatory learning environment that encourages students to be courageous. Equally impactful is our culture of gratitude and joy. We are all teachers and learners, celebrating differences and supporting each other’s well-being, through everyday tasks and in defining moments.

In this boarding and day environment, we all feel welcomed. Faculty and students engage and develop meaningful mentorships. And, students find lasting friendships in our globally diverse community.

What we learn today must prepare our students for tomorrow. With a strong liberal arts foundation and future-focused innovative education, we prepare our students for college and the challenges of a new economy.

We have been extremely fortunate to have had access to such a highly qualified team of educators for our son. It has been wonderful for our son to have access to a very progressive education, locally, with an extremely small class size, and such rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and academic rigor. The school’s leadership team has a global vision and educational model that prepares students for the modern world, the decisions they will need to make, and the problems they will need to help solve. We are so happy to help support our children’s participation in such a wonderful and enriching learning environment. - Rich & Kim, current parents