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Be pushed to reach your full potential! Risk becoming your best: Perkiomen students are encouraged to challenge themselves out of their comfort level and push themselves to try new experiences in order to develop into the best versions of themselves.

Attend class with friends from all over the world! More than 30 different countries actually! Our students get exposed to a global environment right here on our campus. This allows for experiences and interactions that set our students apart from other schools.

You can start your own business or design a product – you really can! Through our Entrepreneurial Institute within our state-of-the-art Innovation Center, you have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and think creatively. Graduate with an additional certificate Entrepreneurial distinction.

Be a part of an exceptionally supportive community. With 95% of our faculty living on campus, students have the opportunity to develop deep relationships with their teachers, advisors, and mentors. Students are welcomed into a warm and inclusive community. Perkiomen has a full-time counselor, multilingual faculty, college counseling, The Learning Center, and an ESL program. We meet kids where they are.

Join a rock band! As part of our extensive music program, students have the opportunity to join a variety of different music groups. Music, theater, art. Ensembles, lessons, flexibility. Students don’t have to give up any of their artistic passions as a student here at Perkiomen. We live-stream our major concerts for our families all over the world to enjoy.

Be successful as an individual and part of a team. Every student plays at least one sport. We have teams that consistently win conference championships and compete at the state level. Our student-athletes don’t only find success here at Perkiomen, they also find success beyond graduation. We’ve had alumni train with an NBA team, get drafted to the MLB, awarded all-conference accolades in college athletics, and participate in international competitions.