It’s been said that life is about the people you meet and the things you create together. Whether your interest is music, theater or visual art, you can move from building skills to creating original work at a high level. The opportunities are all here, from the Rock Band, to classes in digital design, to the chance to work one-on-one with a teacher to develop an outstanding portfolio for art school.

Art is a universal language through which we all can make dynamic, life-changing connections. The art program at Perkiomen creates connections that instill critical thinking, creative problem solving, aesthetic understanding and self-discipline. Students are able to explore their own limits and ultimately push well beyond them. Through art, students understand themselves and others better. The artistic literacy taught and encouraged at Perkiomen not only sets students on the right path toward being successful artists, but it also provides them with the tools necessary to become successful human beings.

The Fine Arts Department is inclusive of Visual Arts, Theater Arts, and both the Vocal and Instrumental Music programs. The Middle School program is required with the exception of performance. Middle School students take classes in all disciplines throughout their years in the school. The Upper School program is completely elective although the school requires that each student complete one Fine Arts credit to graduate.

Sara Ro
Department Head
At Perkiomen School since 2015

Visual Arts

The visual arts at Perkiomen resonate with meaning, connecting with studies in history and literature. Produce a major exhibit with a social theme, hone your drawing skills or create a piece for the spring Fine Arts Festival, you will discover your expressive power.

Continue to discover and refine your creative skills with four levels of studio art classes and plentiful opportunities to display your work outside of school. Specialized courses in sculpture, digital design and film as well as AP Drawing and AP Design allow you to stretch your talents and imagination.


Explore the musician within you through a rich variety of musical experiences and extensive performance opportunities at Perkiomen. In addition to classes, join the Middle School band, chorale or string ensemble. Hone your skills in small group lessons. Find your voice and let it ring.

Join the Upper School band and chorale, the Strings Ensemble, or student-run rock band —musical exploration abounds at Perkiomen. Play in the pit orchestra for the winter musical, take private lessons or head to state competition; take your talents as far as you can!


Build confidence, improve your public speaking and presentation skills, and learn to think on your feet through Perkiomen’s theater program. Academic classes and the option to participate in theatrical productions challenge you to express yourself, try something new or refine your craft.

Challenge yourself with acting courses, try out for a school production, or participate in the annual state festival as a member of Perkiomen’s Thespian Society. Work on our stage or technical crews, become an assistant director, or write and perform in your own monologue or play.


    • Students will gain knowledge of aesthetics.
    • Students will be able to respond appropriately to their aesthetic environment.
    • Students will develop an understanding of the creative process as it is used in the production of a work of art.
    • Students will learn the elements and language of the arts.
    • Students will be able to describe ways of creating meaningful expressive effects through the manipulation of the elements.
    • Students will have the opportunity to practice the skills of their chosen discipline.
    • Students will have the opportunity to exhibit or perform works of art in their disciplines.
    • Students will understand how tools and materials can be used in the creation and refinement of ideas across the disciplines.
    • Students will learn to be part of a respectful and appreciative audience through attendance at performances and exhibitions.
    • Students will be able to make judgments about their own and other's works of art.


We believe that the arts are important to the lives of everyone and that students must have the opportunity to experience the arts. Students should be encouraged to see the arts as a manifestation of the human experience and to relate their study of the arts to all other academic areas. Study of the arts promotes communication and self-expression. It is a study of how people interact with each other. The arts help us to become more discriminating. Just as students must acquire skills and tools in other academic disciplines, they can acquire measurable skills for the various art disciplines. The Fine Arts program provides our students with exposure to the arts and the opportunity to participate in a variety of artistic forms.