Strength, determination, drive, focus, leadership … daily athletic activity creates a strong and competitive individual who can work for both personal and team success. The character and habits you develop as an athlete at Perkiomen will enable you to find success in college and today’s competitive world.

Athletic teams are coached by faculty members. Perkiomen is dedicated to athletic excellence and provides professional development not only for teaching but also for coaching to ensure that the coaching staff is well qualified to lead on the athletic field.

Athletic facilities include: Baker Baseball Field, Freeman Football Field, Zeller Lacrosse and Soccer Field, Stauffer Tennis courts, Schultz Family Softball Field, an outdoor batting cage and four additional athletic fields; and the Hollenbach Athletic Center that houses two gyms, a fitness center, batting cage, and a six-lane indoor swimming pool.

Ken Baker
Director of Athletics
At Perkiomen School since 1976




    Perkiomen School Athletic Code of Conduct

    All athletic participants, at all levels, as well as coaches, parents, fans, and visitors, are expected to adhere to the Perkiomen School Athletic Code of Conduct. Aligning with our values as an institution and as outlined in our Community Handbook, Panther athletes and their supporters are expected to represent Perkiomen School with integrity, graciousness, and a commitment to being their best selves.

    Perkiomen School students, coaches, supporters, and guests will:

    1.     Respect our opponents, officials, and opposing fans/supporters

    2.     Recognize and respect the effort and value of our opponent

    3.     Respect coaches and adhere to their decisions

    4.     Always maintain self-control, including in times of perceived provocation and/or perceived lack of sportsmanship 

    5.     Use respectful language 

    6.     Be gracious in victory 

    7.     Be gracious in defeat

    Perkiomen School student-athletes, coaches, supporters, and guests who are deemed in violation of this Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the area and/or the Perkiomen School campus. 

    All Perkiomen School community members accept that representing Perkiomen School as a student-athlete, coach, fan, or supporter is a privilege, and that it is our collective responsibility to maintain a safe, healthy, and supportive environment.


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