Panther Performance Academy

In 2014, Perkiomen School entered into a relationship with Panther Performance Academy (PPA), giving the entire school community access to a unique and state-of-the-art strength and conditioning program. As a result, all students, parents, faculty, and staff have access to the fitness center and to the PPA coaches on multiple levels, both complimentary and professional.

Panther Performance Academy is a strength and conditioning company that emphasizes personal development and wellness through physical activity, self-awareness, and athletic performance. They believe struggle in life is inevitable and have realized they, as strength coaches, have a unique opportunity to expose people to struggle in the form of exercise, coach them through it, and then use that experience to teach them how to overcome struggle in other aspects of life.

On a complimentary level, Panther Performance Academy and their team of certified strength coaches provide staffing, supervision, and instruction in the fitness center Monday thru Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PPA also designs and supervises the winter strength and conditioning program and provides training sessions and program design to all Varsity teams. Additionally, all members of the Perkiomen community have access to a starter package of one-on-one sessions with a coach, which are used to assess the health of your joints, test your functional movement patterns, and coach you through an individualized program that will help you feel, move, and perform better. PPA’s assessment is specifically designed to identify injury risks in the form of dysfunctional flexibility, stability, and neuromuscular motor patterns. Once these are identified, the students can be more efficiently trained to prevent injuries and perform at the highest level possible. Thus, students are encouraged to take advantage of these complimentary sessions.

Panther Performance Academy also provides professional services to the Perkiomen community that expand on those that are already available. These services include one-on-one training for performance enhancement or injury prevention, post-rehabilitation strength and conditioning, program design, and nutritional guidance for weight loss or gain. Small group sessions and fitness classes are also available.

Panther Performance Academy

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Panther Performance Academy
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