Campus Life

One of Perkiomen’s greatest strengths is its intimate scale. Perkiomen is a campus where every student, teacher, and staff member knows everyone else. At Perkiomen, you will be understood, appreciated, and respected — in class and beyond, not just as a student, but as a complete person. As you move through your personal journey here, you will be surrounded by mentors, guides, and friends. You will be part of classes, dorms, teams, and a school community that all have the feeling of family.

Amber Goupil
Assistant Head of School for Student Life
at Perkiomen School since 2009

Khalil McFarlane
Upper School Dean
at Perkiomen School since 2022

Justin Sell
Director of the Middle School
at Perkiomen School since 2018

Mike Narzikul
Director of Student Life Programs
at Perkiomen School since 2023

Dana Heimbach
Administrative Assistant
at Perkiomen School since 2007


Advisory group outside of Kriebel Hall