Campus Life

One of Perkiomen’s greatest strengths is its intimate scale. Perkiomen is a campus where every student, teacher, and staff member knows everyone else. At Perkiomen, you will be understood, appreciated, and respected — in class and beyond, not just as a student, but as a complete person. As you move through your personal journey here, you will be surrounded by mentors, guides, and friends. You will be part of classes, dorms, teams, and a school community that all have the feeling of family.

Kevin Manferdini
Assistant Head of School for Student Life
At Perkiomen School since 1982

Amber Goupil
Director of Student Life Programs
At Perkiomen School since 2009

Trish Manferdini
Administrative Assistant
At Perkiomen School since 1996

Community Handbook

There is a uniqueness about Perkiomen School. Our community both celebrates individuals and values our collective impact. Understanding our culture and being well-versed in the general expectations are essential.

Communities work well when our communication is strong and each of us understands the basic tenets of living and learning together. Structure, support, trust, dignity, respect, and honor go hand-in-hand to guide students, colleagues, and families toward success here, in college, and in life. The Community Handbook outlines the various expectations by which we all live during the year, expectations that build a culture of trust, support, honesty, and integrity that foster a sense of dignity and respect for each other at all times. These are not just words on a page. In order to live and work and thrive in the Perkiomen School community, we must embrace these behaviors.

Safety & Security

Timothy J. Piazza Antihazing Law

In October 2018, the Pennsylvania State legislature enacted the Timothy J. Piazza Antihazing Law, a new state anti-hazing law that amends the state crime codes to address and prevent hazing in secondary schools and institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth.

Hazing includes any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a person or which willfully destroys or removes public or private property for the purpose of initiation or admission into or affiliation with, or as a condition of or continued membership in, any organization. The term shall include, but not limited to, any brutality of a physical nature, such as whipping, beating, branding, forced calisthenics, exposure to the elements, forced consumption of any food, liquor, drug or other substance, or any other force physical activity which would subject the individual to extreme mental stress, such as sleep deprivation, forced exclusion from social contact, forced conduct which could result in extreme embarrassment, or any other forced activity which could adversely affect the mental health or dignity of the individual, or any willful destruction or removal of public or private property. For the purpose of this definition, any activity as described in definition upon which the initiation or admission into or affiliation with or continued membership in an organization is directly or indirectly conditioned shall be presumed to be “forced” activity, the willingness of an individual to participate in such activity notwithstanding.

Any instance of harassment must be reported to the Assistant Head of School for Student Life and Head of the Middle School for appropriate action. Harassment is a violation of Major School Rules and will be handled accordingly.

The school will investigate all allegations in as prompt and confidential manner as possible and will take appropriate corrective action when warranted. All complaints and findings will be documented. Any employee or student who is determined, as a result of such an investigation, to have engaged in harassment, hazing, demeaning behaviors and/or bullying in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment in the case of an employee and dismissal in the case of a student or volunteer.

Retaliation in any form against an employee, student, or volunteer who exercises his or her right to make a good faith complaint or harassment, hazing, demeaning behavior, or bullying under school policy is strictly prohibited. Any employee, student, or volunteer who retaliates against another employee, student, or volunteer for making a complaint of one of these behaviors will be subjected to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may include termination of employment in the case of an employee or suspension or dismissal from school in the case of a student or volunteer.

Safe2Say Something

We are happy to announce the launch of the Safe2Say Something (S2SS) anonymous reporting system. The Safe2Say Something system, mandated under Pennsylvania State Law/Act 44, helps to teach students, faculty, and staff how to recognize warning signs and signals within social media, of individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others to “Say Something” to a trusted adult OR use its anonymous reporting system. Please see the website ( for more information.

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