Athletics, Activities & Clubs

Participation required. Each of our students is empowered to make positive changes and try new things.

Every student at Perkiomen School is involved in after-school activities, whether that be through athletics, arts, or another leadership group. All students participate in at least one term of athletics.

Perkiomen offers a varied line-up of clubs, community service projects, and other extracurricular options. Leadership opportunities include roles in Student Senate, dorm proctorships, or unique experiences such as the chance to travel to a diversity summit with representatives from other schools.

If you don’t see a club below that interests you, work with a faculty member to start your own!

Cross Country (coed) Basketball (boys varsity) Baseball (varsity)
Golf (coed varsity) Basketball (boys JV) Baseball (JV)
Golf (coed JV) Basketball (girls varsity) Golf (coed)
Football (8-player) Basketball (girls JV) Lacrosse (boys varsity)
Soccer (boys varsity) Swimming (coed) Lacrosse (boys JV)
Soccer (boys JV) Winter Track (coed) Lacrosse (girls varsity)
Soccer (girls varsity)   Lacrosse (girls JV)
Soccer (girls JV) Basketball (middle school boys) Softball (varsity)
Tennis (girls varsity) Basketball (middle school girls) Softball (JV)
Tennis (girls JV) Swimming (middle school coed, tryout) Tennis (boys varsity)
Volleyball (girls varsity) Dance Tennis (boys JV)
Volleyball (girls JV)   Track & Field (coed)
Baseball (boys varsity) Boxing (coed)  
Basketball (boys varsity) Strength & Conditioning (coed) Lacrosse (middle school boys)
Basketball (girls varsity) Capstone Lacrosse (middle school girls)
Middle School Athletics Pit Band Baseball (middle school boys JV by tryout)
Strength & Conditioning (coed) Model UN  
Dance   Boxing
Robotics Prototyping & Industrial Design Strength & Conditioning (coed)
Studio Art Science Olympiad  
Theatre (stage) Theater (stage) Literary Magazine

Theatre (crew)

Theater (crew) Model UN
  Theater (middle school) Studio Art
  Video Editing Yearbook