Four Legged Friends

Perkiomen is a pet-friendly campus, and many faculty members have dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, fish, and even goats that can be found on campus at various times. You might even see a dog in a classroom! Some of our most visible friends include:

Riggs - Headmaster Devey's black lab is often roaming Krieble Hall, looking for a snack or two. He is very, very convincing when drooling.

Millie - One of Mr. and Mrs. Dougherty's English springer spaniels, Millie loves to play ball.

Minnie - The other Dougherty spaniel prefers hiding the ball from Millie.

Franklin - Franklin is Ms. Miller's new pupper. 13/10 would boop his nose.

Bugg - One of Dr. Greg Martin's many dogs, Bugg is, in fact, guilty.

Molly - Another Dr. Martin dog. "You lookin' at me?"

Schatzi - Yet another Dr. Martin doggo who has had a tough day just being a dog.

Kio - Kio is Ms. Thompson's newest dog, a husky. She's rather shy. Here's a hint for remembering her name: Kio is from the middle of PerKIOmen.

Penny - Penny is just one of Ms. Thompson's many animals, and the shepherd mix is very quiet and well-behaved.

Woodford - he's a part of the Yorgey-Goupil clan and can't be trusted around iPad cases.

Pliny The Scooch - Mr. Antoniewicz' dog is usually referred to as Scooch for his adorable, short-nosed, scoochy face. He is a Boston Terrier!