2021 Fall Sports Roundup
  • Athletics
Cheyenne McCloud

Cheyenne McCloud '23 highlights the achievements of our fall athletic teams.

Starting on August 30, Perkiomen School was back in session and students began their classes. This year Perkiomen took on a completely in-person approach, much anticipated by many students, parents, and staff members. While the faculty at Perkiomen collaborated to make that happen, they also worked to bring back the joy of Perkiomen sports! This year, each activity would have a chance to compete for a championship once again. In addition, Perkiomen’s radiant school spirit brought the hype and support to the games. 

The fall sports teams are excelling at their craft thanks to their coaches. In addition to the excellent returning coaching staff, new staff has joined the Perkiomen athletics department! The Panthers welcome: Leiri Melendez (Volleyball), Jacob Wells (Cross Country), Matthew Willig (Cross Country), Madison Glinski (Tennis), and Kieran Trainer (Football). 

Let’s hear from some of Perkiomen’s athletes:

Daniela Prieto, a new but solid tennis player, comes from Spain. She was most excited to play a tennis match since it would be her first time. She was also looking to improve herself, and she definitely has! Daniela earned second place in singles for the Tri-County Independent School League. Her team also had a great season, with only one league loss.

Next up, we have Ryan Dao. While he’s been at Perkiomen for several years, he decided to try something new, golf! From his experience, he has gotten to meet many new people and work with new coaches. “Coach McMillin helps me stay focused while Coach Dougherty helps me with my form,” says Ryan.  He’s been improving since day one and has been focusing on his PRs during his matches. In addition to a successful season, top players Zach Glavin and August Berndtsson will be off to the PAISAA state championship on November 1. 

Eduardo Tejada and Taka Tokunaga are two talented boys’ soccer players. Eduardo is from the Dominican Republic and Taka is from Japan, but despite their hemispherical differences, they both share the same passion. As Taka is returning, he said, “I was most excited to play with old and new teammates.” On the other hand, Eduardo is having a lot of fun during his first year and his goal is to “win the playoffs and state finals.” They also admire their coaches for pushing them to do their best and trying their hardest to help the team win.

On the girls' soccer team, Perkiomen has a brilliant four-year athlete, Cecelia Vassallo. Head of School Mark Devey noted, “Cece has great vision and commands respect from her opponents. She has the tools to be an offensive force.” Prior to the season’s start, Vassallo was looking forward to playing school sports again, and had won the first Athlete of the Week award!

Junior Ocean Mayer, a boarder from Arizona and cross country superstar, joined the Perkiomen community this year. She loves how Coach Wells is truly invested in his coaching role - he cares about the mental health of his athletes and even hops in for their runs! She’s thrilled for state championships and the chance to beat her personal record. Senior Logan Brassington explains that even though cross country is an individual sport, there are a number of important team aspects. He says, “The seamless transition from the classroom to athletic competition is what builds deeper friendships and bonds in the community. The motivation and the vibe of the team as a whole this year is incredible.”

Freshman Seungyoon Shin, #21, plays on the football team as a running back. The team participates in the Keystone State Football League and Shin said that he was pumped to play Mercersburg next. On October 22, the Panthers beat Mercersburg 34-30, and Shin contributed to the victory with two touchdowns! Though he is only a freshman, he really enjoys working with his coaches because they give him friendly advice.

Sophia Taylor, a senior this year, was unable to fully play with her volleyball team due to a career halting injury. However, she was still able to go and support her teammates from the sidelines. Recently she started serving, and she loves how the community comes to support her, her teammates, and any Perkiomen sport because the Panthers always bring the purple and gold spirit. Soon, the volleyball team will be off to the PAISAA tournament, starting on October 29, vs. The Baldwin School. 

The Perkiomen community is so happy the Panthers are back pursuing their passions and representing the school in a positive way. Best of luck to the teams with the remainder of their seasons, and the Perkiomen community is so proud of everyone’s efforts. Roll Panthers!