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Garrett McKenzie


There’s an almost audible sigh of relief over the Zoom call (almost audible due to the ever-present mute icon in the corner of every participant’s camera frame). This comes following the announcement by Director of Student Life Programs, Ms. Goupil, that there will be an end-of-year prom taking place on May 15.

As with many parts of the school experience, social gatherings have been drastically changed, or completely omitted in the era of COVID-19. This led to the possibility of a prom, one that is compliant with the COVID-19 mitigation measures and enjoyable for the guests, being up in the air for some time. Now that the prom has officially been announced though, there are more questions than ever about how it is going to be formatted, and how COVID-19, or more specifically staying safe from the virus, will impact the overall experience.

To answer the questions that I, along with doubtless others have, I sat down to talk with Ms. Goupil on Monday, March 29, 2021. I first asked her who was involved in making the decision, and when it was made. She said that the decision was made over spring break, and was informed in large part by guidelines released from the Montgomery County Office of Public Health. From there, the decision was made by the Task Force, a group of administrators who have been working on COVID-19 mitigation measures, to hold the event on campus, and outdoors. She also mentioned that testing will be a prerequisite for anyone hoping to attend (specifics on how this will be carried out will be released by the school at a later date).

Then, I asked the question that is doubtlessly on everyone’s mind: Will there be a mask and social distancing mandate? The simple answer is kind of. Masks will be required, but there will be specific areas where they can be removed when eating and when getting your photo taken. As for social distancing, this is still going to be in effect, but it will not impede dancing as there will be a large enough dance area in order for everyone to spread out. These rules have been put in place based upon guidance from the Office of Public Health.

We also discussed where on campus the prom will be held, and the theme. As of right now, the plan is for it to take place on the tennis courts and in the parking lot behind the gym, with the theme being the immensely popular “garden party.” Lastly, there will also likely be a screen and camera set up for virtual students to log on to and be able to interact with their on-campus friends. Overall, Ms. Goupil seems very excited about the event. She pointed out that there hasn’t really been an on-campus party/dance for a while now, so this will be a nice way for everyone, including virtual students and on-campus students, to come together in a safe, fun environment.

Please watch your emails and the morning announcements for more information as the event draws closer.

PLEASE NOTE: The COVID-19 pandemic is a dynamic and evolving issue. The ability to hold the prom is dependent upon a number of factors, including strict adherence to mitigation measures by the Perkiomen community. Please do your part to follow protocol and make the prom a reality! Official guidelines related to the prom will be released closer to the event.