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Brandon Legris

In this article by Brandon Legris ‘22, readers hear from boys’ basketball senior captain Honor Huff about the 2021 season, specifically their 3-0 win against the Phelps School on January 23 and how the team plans to succeed this year. 

Since Pennsylvania will lift restrictions that temporarily halted indoor sporting events, practice starts again and games are being unpaused. On the basketball court, the Perkiomen School’s chase for their first state title looks like the real deal. Led by senior captain Honor Huff, we get an in-depth look at how the team is looking:

Question: How do you think the team is going to match up with a strong Westtown team? 

Answer: I think we’ll match up pretty well. I think our camaraderie and chemistry as a team can outweigh their talent and I think our skill set can, as a team, outweigh their talent. Of course, it will be a good game, and I’ll have my team over theirs.



Question: What has the team been relying on?

Answer: Running out in transition, finding open teammates, and making shots; that was a big key of our 3-0 series win. (Perkiomen defeated The Phelps School in a best of 5 series, three games to none.)


Question: What team are you most looking forward to playing?

Answer: Westtown. We got to get the rematch. Got to beat them.


Question: How is this season different from last year?

Answer: New faces— whole new team, except a couple of returners and key players. So just building that chemistry that we had last year, that separated us. So if we get that, we’ll be a great team this year.


Question: What is your main goal for this season?

Answer: To win - just to play, honestly. Since we’re going through a pandemic right now we can’t get a lot of games, and with the games we do have, it’s important that we as a team play as hard as we can, because we never know when we will play again.


Question: Before the season was put on pause, what were the first couple of games like for Perkiomen? 

Answer: It’s great to beat a team 3-0. It’s great to build up the team and for other teams. It’s a great stepping stone for us.


Question: Since this your last high school season, what’s the feeling for you and the rest of the seniors going into the game?

Answer: Phil and I are committed (Honor has committed to VMI, and Philip Byriel ‘21 to Princeton). I’m guessing that David, Can, Cam, and Mitch just want to get to a college that fits them, whether it’s DI, DII, or DIII. For me, I’m just looking to build upon my skills and showcase them one last time in high school before I get to the next level.


Question: What is one thing you’ve learned from Perk that you will take into college?

Answer: In terms of outside the court, just being a nice person. Everyone here is so welcoming and community-oriented. On the court— just hard work. It’s not easy coming here for sure, and I’m just taking that wherever I go.


The Varsity Basketball team had its first official basketball game on January 23 against Phelps. Perkiomen won the first game 109-66 and the second game 96-76.