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Ella Laski

In this article, by Ella Laski ‘23, readers can learn about English teacher Mr. Ohringer’s past, present, and future in teaching. 

New to the Perkiomen English department this year is Mr. Ohringer, who is teaching 12th grade English. Mr. Ohringer’s inspiration to be an English teacher comes from his background in fiction writing. Because of this, he has always wanted to help students gain an appreciation for language and help them to find their voice through the English language. He first received a Bachelor’s of the Arts in English from Grinnell College in 2014, and continued on to receive a Master’s of Fine Arts in Fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 2019. This is his first year teaching at the high school level, but prior to coming to Perkiomen, he taught undergrad at the University of Iowa. He also taught ESL to adults and teens in the Boston area. In total, Mr. Ohringer has taught for five years. 

His decision to come to Perk was pretty much based on fate. He applied for many other jobs as well, but the pandemic got in the way. Mr. Ohringer saw this job opening and decided to come to Perk because he is from Boston and wanted to make his way back to the east coast, as he was previously teaching in Iowa. 

Mr. Ohringer’s favorite part of being at Perk so far is assistant coaching the girls’ tennis team, as well as helping ease seniors’ anxiety, boost their confidence, and excite them in the subject of English. In his future at Perk, he is most excited to work with and meet more engaged writing students, and make more connections with people through literature. 

Mr. Ohringer’s plan to help his students "risk to become their best" is to create a classroom atmosphere that is free of anxiety and pressure for his students in order for them to experiment with ideas and get out of their comfort zones. He will guide his students to remove their self-consciousness and allow for more creative freedom.

Mr. Ohringer’s plan to help himself "risk to become his best" is to understand further what each student needs in their personal writing journey and provide them with good feedback, as well as to assist them in writing their college essays. He also hopes that students will see him as a source for writing help, if necessary.

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