New Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Angus Leydic
  • Faculty & Staff
Ella Laski

This article by Ella Laski ‘23 highlights new world language department member Mr. Angus Leydic. Welcome to the Perkiomen family, Mr. Leydic!

Next in the New Teacher Spotlight series is Mr. Angus Leydic, who is joining the world language department this year. Mr. Leydic graduated with a bachelor's degree from Duquesne University. Mr. Leydic has been teaching for five years. He never really intended to become an educator, but while he was a university student, he kept receiving offers for teaching jobs. His first teaching job was in Spain as an ESL teacher. From there, Mr. Leydic kept receiving offers to teach in Europe, but he decided to return to the United States to teach in a K-8 setting. He eventually decided to obtain a master’s degree at Illinois State, and while in that program, Mr. Leydic fell in love with the art of teaching and understanding how different people learn languages. Mr. Leydic ended up at Perkiomen School because he wanted to see what it was like teaching in an American school, more specifically a boarding school. He says that before this year, boarding schools were “mysterious,” as he had never attended one nor known anyone who has. This new, fresh environment added to the excitement of his new job. 

Mr. Leydic’s favorite part of teaching at Perkiomen so far has been the small class sizes. He likes this because he feels as if he can really get to know his students and understand them. He also really enjoys the close-knit community of teachers at Perkiomen. In his future at Perkiomen, he is anticipating the evolution of the school after the current physical changes have been made to the campus and seeing how Perkiomen has transformed after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When asked how he will help his students risk becoming their best, Mr. Leydic acknowledges the fact that learning (and teaching!) a new language is full of risks. He uses the important components of speaking and writing to help his students progress and learn from their failures. “I think that they can take these ideas of learning from failure and trying new things into every aspect of their lives,” he says. When asked how he will risk becoming his best, Mr. Leydic highlights mindfulness. He states, “I believe that bettering yourself starts with mindfulness and looking at the reasons why we do and think certain ways. Only through this introspection can we become a better person and grow in all areas of our lives. I practice this each morning and night to plan my day and organize my thoughts as well as to review how my day went and where I can improve.”