New Teacher Spotlight: Mr. David McMillin
  • Faculty & Staff
Ella Laski

This article by Ella Laski ‘23 allows readers to get to know new world language department member Mr. McMillin.

New to the Perkiomen world language teaching staff this school year is Mr. David McMillin, who is teaching Latin. He has been teaching the subject in independent schools for the past 31 years. In 1990, Mr. McMillin received a Bachelor's of the Fine Arts in Latin and English from Dickinson College. 

Mr. McMillin’s inspiration to become a teacher was due to a conversation he had during his junior year of college with a college professor during office hours. He questioned Mr. McMillin about what his plans for after graduation were, and he planted the seed in Mr. McMillin’s mind to become a Latin teacher. He actually got his first teaching job on his birthday during his senior year of college! Mr. McMillin’s love for teaching Latin is derived from his teachers and professors. He says that he wants to pay it forward. 

Mr. McMillin chose to come to Perkiomen because he has known of the school for the duration of his teaching career, and it has a reputation as a solid academic and residential place. He was overjoyed to receive the opportunity to join the Perkiomen community.

There are a few things that Mr. McMillin has really enjoyed about working at Perkiomen so far. First, the excellent students – he appreciates the opportunity to engage with students, be it in the classroom or on the field. Second, the faculty – Mr. McMillin has found them to be friendly and compassionate. “They truly care about their students and each other,” he says. Third — the opportunity to be back in the Latin classroom, and he finds that the energy of in-person classes is refreshing. 

During his time at Perkiomen, Mr. McMillin looks forward to trying new things, as teaching has evolved over the years. He says, “Imagine this… my first classroom had a chalkboard and erasers; I had a textbook.” Throughout the years, the world has seen the evolution of what a classroom looks like with the addition of whiteboards, projectors, iPads, Smartboards, laptops, and ActiveBoards. Each of these new innovations has helped students in their learning process. 

Mr. McMillin is overjoyed that Perkiomen provides an opportunity for their community to try new things, whether that be in the classroom or during L-period clubs. For instance, Mr. McMillin started his own fly tying club for students interested in fly fishing. In the club, they discussed the sport of fishing, as well as learning to tie their own flies. He states, “It has been fun to see them progress quickly and see their own success in a rather difficult process.”

When asked how he will risk to become his best, Mr. McMillin says that, “Risk is always an interesting question, and it is different for each person. With the evolution of education over my career, the one piece that is new for me is the flip to virtual. I’m trying new things to connect with students.” Another goal Mr. McMillin set for himself is to find new ways to cater to all different learning styles. For him, this is part of where he finds his joy in teaching.