Shrek: A Day in the Life
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Kelsey McMillin

Kelsey McMillin '24 gives a recap on the 2022 winter theater production of "Shrek: The Musical," highlighting the actors' hard work and friendships. Photo by Tim Miller.

It's 3:00 pm. The school day has just ended, and the actors in the winter musical make their way to Kehs Hall. All of the performers are excited about what they are working on. Everyone gathers in the stage area, waiting to hear what they will be doing in rehearsal for the day. At the beginning of rehearsals, the actors are told which songs and scenes they will be working on. Some actors exit the stage to go work on other pieces. Throughout the rehearsal, performers shift positions and run through different songs and scenes. When the actors begin their sections, the otherwise dark theater lights up with excitement for the upcoming show.

Performers in the winter musical worked hard every day to prepare for the showing of “Shrek: The Musical." Running through different scenes and songs are important for actors to be comfortable in their performances and characters, and for the show to look clean and effortless. Throughout many rehearsal days, multiple actors are on and off the stage, working on all different parts in the show. 

“It is really important to make sure you have fun, enjoy what you do, and get into character to be them on stage and enjoy it,” shares Sophia Marks '25.

Although there are many moving pieces to put together for a production, it is clear that the actors work diligently to make sure it will be the best they can possibly make it.

Outside of theatre, many performers have varying schedules. Many hang out with their friends afterwards, often having dinner together. Others might have extra after-school activities that cause them to not be present at some rehearsals. However, the actors all share an important bond with each other, no matter the cast list.

"When you’re in theatre, it's like every single person you are friends with," says Claire Wilson '24. "It’s a way to feel like you are really part of the community.”

Final critiques are given to the actors for their next run of the scenes. Performers are given notes about their performance to reflect on and improve. At the end of the day, actors leave feeling productive and accomplished from their day of hard work and dedication.