The Future of Panther Basketball: 2021-22 Season
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Ella Laski

Ella Laski '23 discusses the future of the basketball team at Perkiomen. Photos by Ryan Dao '22. 

This year, the Boys’ Basketball program continues to flourish under Coach Thomas Baudinet’s leadership and development of a new National team.

Coach Baudinet developed the Perkiomen basketball team into an advanced program with his prior experience in the sport and love for coaching. Baudinet says his motivation for coaching comes from his love of basketball and paying that love and knowledge forward to young people. He knew that coaching was an interest of his in high school, when he would help teach younger kids in youth camps. 

Before coming to Perkiomen, he was the Director of Player development at the University of New Haven and played four professional seasons in the NBA D-league, China, Japan, and Germany. In college, he played at St. Anselm College where he was named a Division II All-American, NABC Northeast Region Player of the Year, and the 2011 Northeast-10 Conference Player of the Year. Coach "B" says that his expertise in the sport gives him credibility, as he is aware of the “why” behind everything the boys are asked to do in practices and what they are coached. He also says it creates a specific coach-athlete relationship based on trust.

Coach B worked to expand the program by adding another high level team as an extension of the existing basketball program. By adding another team, the boys would have more opportunities to receive the excellent training at Perkiomen as well as adequate playing time. These benefits will help them in the near future as some athletes will go on to pursue college basketball.

Although basketball is a winter sport, the varsity and national teams were hard at work before the fall sports season ended. Their preseason practices included intense strength and conditioning as well as skill work to prepare for the fast-approaching season. As the boys continue to work hard in their in-season practices, Coach B has them working on team related concepts like offensive and defensive skill work in order for the team to be well prepared for their first game, which was versus Legacy Prep on November 13.

In addition to preparing them for the 2021-22 high school season, he also focuses on preparing them for college level basketball. The practice and game schedule for the national team mimics that of a college team, with lifting 3-4 days a week, film sessions, and rigorous practices.

When asked what his vision for the national team is, Coach B said that he wants every player to improve every day and achieve their fullest potential. He wishes for the team to be the best they can be, and hopes that they can advance to a league or state championship. Because competition is making a return this year, following a year with many COVID-19-related cancelations, the team will have an opportunity to achieve these goals with a complete schedule.



The 2021-22 basketball season at Perkiomen looks extremely promising. Both new and returning athletes have put in the work for the Panthers to succeed with the help of Coach B. Be sure to support the basketball program’s hard work at a game - bring the Perk Pride to the court this winter!