The Perkiomenite is the student news site at Perkiomen School. Following in the tradition of earlier editions published on campus, the Perkiomenite today is a place where students can express their opinions, share their passions, and engage with the entire school community in thoughtful discussion.

The Perkiomenite publishes once every two months on the 15th day. Materials for submission can be emailed in to the editorial staff at Articles must be received 6 days prior to the publishing deadline to be considered.

The Perkiomenite is written and edited by students of Perkiomen School and they are solely responsible for its editorial policy and content.

Perkiomenite Archive 2017-2018

Interested in learning more about writing for the Perkiomenite?

Any student interested in holding a position within the paper or participating as a writer may email Mrs. Konopitski at for additional information on how to get involved.