Residential Life

2020-2021 School Year

For the school year 2020-2021, in light of COVID-19, things are going to be different. We learned this year that students may need to leave campus quickly. With that in mind we encourage all students to carefully consider bringing the minimal amount of belongings with you. There will be an increased expectation for cleaning of student rooms and laundry (including bedding) on a frequent and regular basis. Given this we recommend that student bring clothing and bedding that can easily be laundered. For example a student may choose to bring 1-3 blankets that can be individually laundered versus a large comforter. While we want students to be comfortable we recommend that they minimize extra pillows and stuffed animals. In addition, students should not overpack clothing and should not bring unnecessary items.

The amount of food that students will be able to store in their rooms will be limited. Students should avoid bringing food in bulk.

Additional items that all students will need:
  • masks: Cloth (4-5) or disposable masks (use new daily) *masks should be plain and school appropriate
  • brown paper bags for storing masks when eating/drinking
  • touchless thermometer
  • disinfectant wipes for electronics (laptop, iPad and cell phone) based on CDC guidance