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Boarding at Perkiomen prepares students for life. It’s a 360 degree experience in a world-class learning environment which extends beyond the desk, beyond the bell, and beyond the expected. It attracts special students, from 28 countries and 10 states, who desire to be the best version of themselves, who embrace academic challenges, exceptional opportunities and adventure, while thriving in a diverse, supportive community.

Since coming to Perkiomen I’ve tried new sports, gone on fun weekend trips, and have been able to live next to my best friend. Boarding school is for courageous students dedicated to their education.” Ivie Ojior, Grade 7, Georgia

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Boarding Schools: Myth vs. Fact

Myth: Boarding school students have troubled home lives.
Fact: 86% of boarding school students report being very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with family life. At Perkiomen, boarding student families are grateful for a partnership in parenting within a culture of caring.
Myth: Boarding schools are homogenous.
Fact: 59% of boarding school students describe their schools as having students from many races and ethnic groups as opposed to 19% of private day and 39% of public school students.
Myth: Boarding schools are for problem students who are being “sent away.”
Fact: 60% of respondents applied to boarding school primarily because of the opportunity for a better education.
Myth: Boarding schools are places where students get into trouble.
Fact: 95% of boarding school students say that their social lives do not revolve around drugs and alcohol, compared to 82% of private day and public school students.

Boarding at a high school definitely provides a unique experience. We are given a lot of freedom and treated more as adults. My favorite part about boarding is that I am with my friends all the time. Whether it is going into town, working out, or playing baseball, I am constantly hanging out with my friends.Kyle Silbert, Grade 12, New Jersey

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