Empowering Our Community Through Giving

Your support of Perkiomen School allows us:

    • to create and maintain facilities that inspire and engage,
    • to supply students and faculty with the best materials to support rich educational learning experiences,
    • to cultivate professional development to attract and retain great faculty,
    • to offer challenging courses and innovative academic programming.

While tuition is critical for maintaining everyday school operations, it is the generosity of donors that transforms Perkiomen into a school true to its mission – inspiring students to risk becoming their best. This generosity is rooted in passion and engagement, and is demonstrated by thoughtful donations of individuals. When a person makes a gift to Perkiomen, they are making an important mark on the school, making it incrementally better, and in aggregate, the very best.

Join us and make your mark on our school community.

The Perkiomen Fund

The Perkiomen Fund

The Perkiomen Fund – our annual fund – is one of our school’s most important sources of revenue.

It is a vital part of each year’s operating budget, and allows our school to provide the range and depth of programs that make Perkiomen unique among independent schools. Friends like you empower the school through your gifts that contribute to every part of the school’s operation, such as arts, athletics, innovation, professional development and scholarships.

Perkiomen Fund gifts allow us to provide access, value, and opportunity for all of our students. It enables us to maintain small classes, bring the latest technology to campus, and continue to fulfill our mission.

Perkiomen School gratefully accepts gifts via check or credit card, or gifts of securities. All donations are tax deductible.

Maximize Your Impact With Matching Gifts

With matching gifts you can sometimes double or even triple your gift!

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please check with your human resources department. Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Gifts for Tax Credit

Pennsylvania business owners may be able to support student scholarships for PA students and receive a tax credit for their gift through the EITC program.

Donate Now

Leadership Societies

Members of our Leadership Societies make the largest impact on Perkiomen’s fundraising success. Their bold investment inspires others while supporting every Perkiomen student and faculty member.

Leadership Society membership starts with gifts of $750 or more during the school’s fiscal year. Spreading payments over several months may help when considering a larger gift.

Luminary Society: A gift of $25,000 or greater

The Oscar S. Kriebel Society: $10,000-$24,999

Founders Society: $5,000-$9,999

The Marian J. Stefano Society: $2,500-$4,999

The 1875 Society: $1,875-$2,499

Purple and Gold Society: $750-$1874

For information on recurring gifts or Leadership Societies, please contact our Office of Alumni and Development at (215) 679-1157.

Gifts for Tax Credit

Apply on July 2, 2018!

Apply online or download the application information form today.

Overwhelmed with paperwork? We will submit the application for you.

Contact Director of the Perkiomen Fund Christe Konopitski '09 at (215) 521-5624 or

Download our full FAQ sheet here.

Are you interested or would you like more information about EITC/OSTC at Perkiomen School?

You are invited to speak with Christe Konopitski '09, Director of the Perkiomen Fund, by phone at (215) 541-5624.

Campaign For Perkiomen

Honoring the vision of our leaders and supported by loyal community members, throughout its history Perkiomen has embarked on bold initiatives and faced challenges thoughtfully, confidently, and successfully.

The Next Phase For Perkiomen

Students are the life of our school and the purpose of our work - their pursuits shape our success. In the coming months we will have another opportunity to invest and enhance the student experience, and the Perkiomen campus, for generations to come.

Our motto - Solvitur vivendo – reminds us that it is solved by living.” Perkiomen students learn by doing and our vision for an updated and renovated student center is to create a hub where students experience collaboration, community-building, and personal and social development.

The current space, added in 1958 and located in Roberts Hall, adjacent to Kehs Hall, is not adequate. Known to our community as “Robbie’s,” it is time for this well-used space to accommodate the needs of today’s student body – technologically attuned, more diverse, and twice as large as the addition intended to serve.

A central location already anchors Robbie’s as the physical heart of the campus, and our vision is to transform this hall into the symbolic heart of our Perkiomen community.

Integrating several student resources in a beautiful space will encourage the people inside to exchange ideas, share learning experiences, and build relationships, creating a unique campus culture. Featuring academic and support offices, performance space, areas for both work and play, along with a café and bookstore, a reimagined Robbie’s will provide students and faculty many opportunities for community engagement and personal growth.

Be a catalyst at Perkiomen School: contact Director of Development Karl Welsh at (215) 679-1157 or make your gift online today.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving

A gift to Perkiomen School that is part of a thoughtful, comprehensive estate plan provides a way of completing a lifetime of giving to the school, or of making a significant gift that was not possible at an earlier stage of life. Such gifts can also provide advantages such as lifetime income to the donor or others and possible tax benefits.

When you include Perkiomen in your estate planning you combine your personal values and your financial goals in a meaningful way.

It is easy to make a gift that provides the maximum benefit to you, your family, and Perkiomen.

    • Make a gift in your will
    • Designate Perkiomen as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy
    • Designate Perkiomen as a beneficiary of a portion of your retirement plan
    • Create a trust that provides annual income to you and/or your family and ultimately reverts to Perkiomen
    • Create a trust that provides income to Perkiomen and ultimately reverts to your survivors
    • Donate property

Membership in the Phoenix Society is automatic for those who have notified the school of their intentions. The Phoenix Society recognizes donors who include provisions in their wills or estate plans to benefit The Perkiomen School and have informed the school of their generosity. If you have done so and have not notified the Office of Alumni and Development, or are interested in learning more about gift planning, please contact Director of Development Karl Welsh at (215) 679-1157.

* Donors are encouraged to consult with their own professional tax advisors when making charitable gifts.

IRA Charitable Rollover

The IRA Charitable Rollover Provision allows individuals who have reached 70 ½ to donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their Individual Retirement Account (IRA), without treating the distribution as taxable income. This provision had expired on January 1, 2015, but was reinstated and made permanent.

Endowed Funds

Endowed Funds for Financial Aid

For the academic year 2017-2018, Perkiomen School will award more than $5 million in financial aid. About one-half of that sum will be provided through the generosity of alumni and friends by special gifts and scholarships with the balance coming from the school’s general financial aid operating budget. To the school’s best ability, all students who demonstrate financial need are offered some assistance. By completing the financial aid application process, a student will be considered for the following funds. No separate application is needed. In addition to being need-based, some awards have other qualifying criteria set by the individual who established the fund.

Please see the Scholarships page for eligibility requirements for merit-based scholarships.

Establishing a NEW Endowment

To learn more about how to support Perkiomen or to establish a new endowed fund or scholarship, please call the Development Office at (215) 679-1157.

Perkiomen School’s Named Endowment Funds

Alumni Memorial Scholarship: Established by Scholarship Committee of the Board of Trustees and initial contributions solicited in memory of Mabel Gerhard Krieble, Class of 1904, for an alumni son or daughter with financial need

Winfield Baird Memorial Fund: To honor the experience of Winfield Baird, Class of 1920, and Harold S. Baird, Class of 1917, this was established by Baird Foundation and David Baird to help worthy students attend Perkiomen

Seth Arden Bardwell Scholarship: Established by Frances T. Light in memory of her stepfather, Seth Arden Bardwell, Class of 1901

Walton and Elizabeth Bowen Scholarship: Established in 1989 through the Estate of Walton, Class of 1930, and Elizabeth Bowen

Carlson-Travaglini Scholarship Fund: Formed by consolidating five individual funds honoring the following members of the Carlson-Travaglini family: Gunard O. Carlson, Margaret B. Carlson, Gunnard Berry Carlson, A.F. Travaglini, and Barbara Carlson Travaglini, to safeguard financial aid and help provide students in need with a unique and life-changing Perkiomen education and experience

Spero and Olive Custis Scholarship Fund: Established by Olive D. Custis to support a deserving boy and girl at Perkiomen

William L. Eshelman Memorial Fund: Established in 1972 by friends of William L. Eshelman, Class of 1911 and former Board member

George F.C. Franks Scholarship Fund: Established by George F. C. Franks, Class of 1917, to provide a scholarship for worthy and deserving students

Hartzell Scholarship Fund: To help needy students with award preference given to those interested in Christian ministry, this was established by Violet S. Harzell in 1978

George K. Allison Headmasters Scholarship Fund: Created by the Board of Trustees in 2008 to honor Headmaster George K. Allison’s years of service and retirement

George K. and Lucy Allison Scholarship: Established in 2014 by Former Perkiomen Headmaster George K. Allison and his wife, Lucy, to provide financial aid to a boarding student who demonstrates need and honor George’s many years as Headmaster and Lucy’s time as a Perkiomen educator

Griesemer-Hessanauer Scholarship: Established in 2009 through the Estate of Ruth E. Blumer

Morris M. Hiltebeitel Student Aid Fund: Established in 1975 by Annie Hiltebeitel, Class of 1905, with award preference given to residents of Marlborough Township, Montgomery County

Walter Hollenbach Scholarship: Established by Walter Hollenbach, Class of 1899, former Perkiomen educator

Guy B. Hunt Scholarship Fund: Established by William D. Hunt in 1987 in memory of his brother, Guy B. Hunt, Class of 1926, to be awarded to a student from New Jersey, with preference given to Cape May County

Florence Heydt and John Heydt Memorial Scholarship: Established in 2000 as a need-based award to honor John Heydt, Class of 1970

Owen R. Jones Scholarship Fund: Established in 1956-1957 by Owen R. Jones

Irwin W. Kehs Memorial Scholarship: To honor Irwin Kehs’ 39 years of service to Perkiomen, this was created by the Perkiomen School Alumni Association in 1968

O. S. Kriebel Scholarship Fund: Created by the Board of Trustees in 1953

J. Russell Lee Scholarship: Established by Edith Poole Fletcher in 2001

H.F. (Gerry) Lenfest Scholarship: Established in 2009 by the Board of Directors of the Lenfest Foundation

Daisy Schultz Martin Scholarship Fund: Established in 1977 to provide scholarships to deserving students, with preference to Schwenkfelder families

Kyrel and Barbara Meschter Scholarship: Established in 2007 by the family of Kyrel and Barbara Meschter, on their behalf, reflecting their long-standing commitment to Perkiomen School. Kyrel served as a Trustee for more than 40 years

James E. and Alma Mullen Scholarship: Established by James Mullen in 1992 to be awarded to a student from the Upper Perkiomen Valley who has been active in extracurricular activities such as athletics, community service, church, and other youth organizations prior to and during attendance at Perkiomen School

Trustees Scholarship Fund: Established in 1965 to assist deserving students who attend Perkiomen School

Carl and Margaret Pfrommer Scholarship: Established by Carl Pfrommer, Class of 1936, and his wife, Margaret

The Randall Scholarship: Established in 1959 by an anonymous Perkiomen graduate for a student in the upper third of his or her class

Winfield H. and Margaret W. Rosenberry Award: Established by Margaret Rosenberry and to be awarded to a student or students on the basis of character, academic achievement, and financial need

Alvin K. and Helen M. Rothenberger Scholarship Fund: Established through memorial donations for Alvin, Class of 1906, and Helen Rothenberger

Norman Schultz Scholarship Fund: Established in 1974 by Norman Schultz, Class of 1917

Robert M. Schumo Jr.'78 Memorial Scholarship: Established in 1980, in memory of Robert M. Schumo, Class of 1978, to be awarded to a student who has interests in theatre and athletics, particularly lacrosse

Marian Stefano Scholarship: Established in 1978 by the Board of Trustees to honor Marian Stefano for her loyalty, love, and concern for The Perkiomen School, spanning a period of more than 40 years

Tinnerholm Family Fund in honor of Karen, Carl Jr., and Eric: Established in 1999, this fund honors Karen, Carl Jr., and Eric, the children of longtime Perkiomen Trustee Carl F. Tinnerholm and his wife, Barbara

Robert L. Wetter Athletic Scholarship Fund: Established by Pauline E. Wetter, wife of Robert L. Wetter, Class of 1925, to provide an athletic scholarship to a worthy student

Irma C. Wieand Memorial Fund: Established in 1951-1952 by the Wieand Family

John H. Willard and Marian R. Willard Scholarship Fund: Established in 1987 by John and Marian Willard

Gifts Of Stock

Many donors find it to their advantage to support Perkiomen through gifts of appreciated stock or mutual fund shares. By donating securities held longer than one year you may avoid recognition of capital gains. You may also receive a federal income tax deduction. When initiating a gift of securities, please contact the Office of Alumni and Development at (215) 679-1157.

To be sure that your gift is properly credited, you or your broker should contact us with the following information:

    • The name of the donor
    • The name and quantity of the securities being transferred
    • The name and contact information of your broker

Securities may be transferred/delivered to Perkiomen School in the following ways:

By Mail
Perkiomen School
Attention: Karl Welsh, Director of Development
200 Seminary Street
Pennsburg, PA 18073

DTC Transfer
DTC # 2669
Account # 23-58617
Account Name: Perkiomen School

Brokerage Firm
The Northern Trust Company - New York
attn: Free Receipts
40 Broad Street
8th Floor
New York, NY 10004

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Development Karl Welsh at (215) 679-1157.

*To ensure timely processing of year-end gifts, please contact our Northern Trust Company representative, Arne Themmen at (305) 789-1430.

Contact Us

Office of Alumni and Development
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Karl Welsh
Director of Development
At Perkiomen School since 2012

Diana Weir-Smith '85, P’18
Alumni Director
At Perkiomen School since 1998

Christe (Thompson) Konopitski '09
Director of Perkiomen Fund
At Perkiomen School since 2015

Bernadette Kovaleski
Development Writer and Stewardship Officer
At Perkiomen School since 2016

Joan Berg
Development Research Analyst
At Perkiomen School since 1994

Michele Bubb
Manager, Gift Processing and Reporting
At Perkiomen School since 2011

Perkiomen School Office of Alumni and Development, from left to right: Joan Berg, Diana Weir-Smith '85, P '18, Karl Welsh, Bernadette Kovaleski, Christe (Thompson) Konopitski '09