Honoring the vision of our leaders and supported by loyal community members, throughout its history Perkiomen has embarked on bold initiatives and faced challenges thoughtfully, confidently, and successfully.

The Next Phase For Perkiomen

Our motto - Solvitur vivendo – reminds us that it is solved by living.” Perkiomen students learn by doing and our vision for an updated and renovated student center is to create a hub where students experience collaboration, community-building, and personal and social development. Students are the life of our school and the purpose of our work - their pursuits shape our success. In the coming months we will have another opportunity to invest and enhance the student experience, and the Perkiomen campus, for generations to come.

The current space, added in 1958 and located in Roberts Hall, adjacent to Kehs Hall, is not adequate. Known to our community as “Robbie’s,” it is time for this well-used space to accommodate the needs of today’s student body – technologically attuned, more diverse, and twice as large as the addition intended to serve.

A central location already anchors Robbie’s as the physical heart of the campus, and our vision is to transform this hall into the symbolic heart of our Perkiomen community.

Integrating several student resources in a beautiful space will encourage the people inside to exchange ideas, share learning experiences, and build relationships, creating a unique campus culture. Featuring academic and support offices, performance space, areas for both work and play, along with a café and bookstore, a reimagined Robbie’s will provide students and faculty many opportunities for community engagement and personal growth.

Progress Updates

Schultz Hall, a dormitory for boys and housing for faculty, built in 1963 was demolished beginning on March 24, 2021. This dormitory served Perkiomen admirably for 57 years. In being removed, this location will become the home of the new student center. To read more about the demolition and see photos, click here.

The hardscaping of Phase I was completed in Summer 2021. These pathways will lead to and from the new student center, the Campus Green, key academic and athletic buildings, and a campus arrival circle that was constructed during the summer months. To appreciate these wonderful improvements, see animated virtual tour here.

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"During our lifetime, there will be doors that appear and you must have the courage to walk through them. If you don't you'll never expand your horizons and you will always stay where you are. Open that door, walk through that door, and experience what's on the other side of that door. Yes, it's frightening. Yes, it's new. But guess what? You might just find something that's really important to you." ~Phil Lloyd '65

Our Moment Now

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Campaign Committee Leadership

Phil A. Lloyd '65, Co-Chair

“I’ve learned that I really like influencing, helping, and watching young people grow. Every time I go to Perkiomen, I have a reaffirmation of the quality of the young generation we have. You see young people who are extremely skilled, learning, and are going to be really good leaders in the future. I know there’s a future for our country from what I see.”

Karlee Fain '00, Co-Chair

"We have practices that have been proven to work from more than a century of education at Perkiomen AND we have a unique ability to think about the future at the same time. The Institutes are providing an environment for creating solutions that are going to solve future problems that we don’t even know of yet, and that is downright extraordinary. Seeing the students coming out of Perkiomen, and the skill sets they develop here, renews my sense of optimism - being part of this campaign has been a gift.”

Mark A. Devey P '21, '24, Head of School

"Perkiomen is forward-thinking. We aren't afraid to break new ground. We are creating innovative learning experiences for our students and providing countless opportunities for them to have a story to tell. It is an exciting time to be a part of the history of an evolving institution."

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