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Global Community


At Perkiomen School, diversity and multiculturalism are positive aspects of our lives and essential components of education. The students, staff, parents, board members, alumni, and friends of the school recognize and embrace the diversity in race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, and family structure that exists within the Perkiomen Community and the wider world. Furthermore, we respect and appreciate the differences that exist in the traditions we observe and the languages we speak, as well as each individual’s unique heritage, personal beliefs, and choices of expression.

We believe that the experience of a Perkiomen education will enable students to value themselves while preparing to participate with pride and confidence in a rich and complex global society. As such, the School’s curriculum and other programs will introduce and explore topics concerning race, ethnicity, family structure, gender, religion, physical attributes, sexual orientation, and socio-economic differences. As a result, when students graduate from our school, they will do so with a strong sense of their identity, a willingness to see the common threads that run through all our lives, and a high regard for the value and breadth of differences and similarities.

As a school, we recruit students and faculty from diverse backgrounds whose goals are consistent with both the sense of tradition we foster and our desire to promote equity and inclusion. Furthermore, Perkiomen School has welcomed international students for generations and embraces the fact that interaction with and understanding of people from around the world is essential to both educational and professional success in an increasingly globalized world and to fostering a sense of global citizenship.

Given our commitment to creating an inclusive community on campus, any behavior deemed discriminatory on the grounds of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic class, physical ability, mental and physical health, country of origin, or religious and/or cultural beliefs, whether overt or covert, falls outside of school norms and cannot be accepted.

Global Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion works to promote multiculturalism, compassion, equity, and understanding both on campus and within the surrounding community by sponsoring educational opportunities and training for students and faculty, hosting a variety of events, encouraging student involvement in local and national diversity conferences, and celebrating the myriad of cultures and people that make up Perkiomen School.

During the 2017-18 school year, the Global Diversity Council (GDC) involved itself in a variety of events on and off campus. The GDC hosted Social Justice Week and the Perkiomen School Cultural Festival, sent student leaders to the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA, and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Diversity Conference at Abington Friends School, organized a trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. (with the assistance of Bob Novick ’57), and assisted with the Perk Loves benefit concert to support refugees in South East Asia, among other things.

In 2019-20 the GDC is being led by a Diversity Collaborative (below) pursuing an expanded line up of activities that extend our school community’s support of global diversity and support the local community’s efforts on this front.

On November 3, 2018, Perkiomen hosted the Mid-Atlantic Regional Diversity Conference (MARD), welcoming more than 450 students and faculty to campus. The Mid-Atlantic Region Diversity Conference was started by a group of students and their advisors from Abington Friends School and Perkiomen School in the 2012-2013 school year. The goal was to have a regional student-led diversity experience. MARD now serves more than 300 students from 30 different schools each year. The conference includes racial and cultural affinity groups, student-led discussions, a keynote address from noted activist and speaker, Rodney Glasgow, and time for fun and fellowship.

Diversity Collaborative Coordinators
Mr. R. Trevor Smith
Ms. Emily Hui
Ms. Jessica Walton


Rosh Hashanah Reception
Mid-Autumn Festival

Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Mid-Atlantic Regional Diversity Conference (to be hosted at Perkiomen School)

Hanukkah Celebration Dinner
Christmas Dinner

Lunar New Year Celebration
Black History Month Celebration

Celebration of Women’s History Month

Perkiomen School Cultural Festival
Social Justice Week
Day of Silence

Student Leaders

2018 MARD Student Leadership

Ella Albanese ‘19
Liam Brassington ‘19
Arrayah Brown ‘19
Marline Charles ‘19
Porter Henderson, Jr. ‘20
Yaoyi (Yolanda) Jing ‘19

Hanya (Selena) Lei ‘20

Kristine Rivera ‘19
Madeleine Robinson ‘19
Xueyan (Adeline) Rong ‘20
Greysen Schlupp ‘19
Madita Schrott ‘19
Sarah Smith ‘22
Rongquing (Frank) Tian ‘20
Haiely Tobin ‘22
Polly Tolmachenko ‘20
Yuchen (Spark) Zhang ‘19
Emma Zhao ‘19

Cultural Festival Organizers
Kristine Rivera ‘19
Emma Zhao ‘19

Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) Attendees

2018 SDLC Attendees
Arrayah Brown ‘20
Yaoyi (Yolanda) Jing ‘19
Jayden Kemp ‘20
Sydnee Reddy ‘19
Madeleine Robinson ‘19
Xueyan (Adeline) Rong ‘20

2019 SDLC Attendees
Dengxin (Silva) Huang ‘21
Hanya (Selena) Lei ‘20

Past SDLC Attendees
Marline Charles ‘19
Yuhan (Lynn) Liu ‘19
Elijiah Murray ‘20
Fan (Raymond) Fei ‘19

Black History Month Dinner

MARD Conference Silent Movement

Lunar New Year Dinner

NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC)

Unity Project

Kriyol Dance! Collective Workshop

Black History Month Culture Talk


Mid-Autumn Festival

Episode 9 of the Cookies & Cuploas Podcast offers a deeper look into the Diversity Collaborative's work during Black History Month 2019, featuring an interview with Mr. Joseph, Diversity Collaborative Coordinator, and member of the Class of 2013.