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Perkiomen School students walking on campus
What does it mean to risk becoming your best?

At Perkiomen, we know that experience is the best
teacher, and that the challenges of life can only
be solved by digging in, taking part, and pushing
through. Our students learn to take calculated
risks and to create value wherever they go.

Combining academic excellence and experiential learning, we are here to prepare our students for their future: a fulfilling life.  

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Perkiomen School Students in Innovation Center
Be Fearless
PerkIomen School Medical Institute Students

A Global Perkiomen Family

Culture and Connection.

Perkiomen School has a long history of welcoming students from around the world. Founded in 1875, the school welcomed its first international student in 1896, and as early as 1910, the school enrolled students from 20 different countries.

Perkiomen is a community where individual differences are celebrated and cultivated, creating a campus that feels like home. The exchange of cultures, languages, and ideas helps to build a global Perkiomen family.

In this video, learn more about how the sharing of ideas and perspectives leads to greater connection. 

Why Perkiomen School?

At Perkiomen School, we uncover possibilities because

our impact is FOCUSED ON THE FUTURE.

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Are you ready to learn more?

Learn what it means to risk becoming your best at Perkiomen School. 

This year, no matter where you are, you will be able to take part in several types of admission events.  We are ready to engage with you and are offering both virtual and in-person opportunities to meet and connect with our community. 

Ready to get started now?   Follow the link below to register.  


Why Our Students Love Perkiomen School

Alex, Class of 2025

"I love how I am able to pursue what I am passionate about with support from the school. The opportunities I get to follow my dreams within the Institute programs are truly unparalleled."


Cesar, Class of 2024

"Everyone at Perkiomen is very welcoming and friendly, especially the staff.  The Perkiomen motto is risk becoming your best, so don’t be afraid of the possibilities, and walk on campus with confidence!"

Liv, Class of 2024

"I love Perkiomen because it’s a community that offers so much more than just an education. The opportunities that are offered through the four institutes is not something you will find at any school. The faculty and staff are not just teachers either, they create a bond with students that make you feel inspired to be great. I know choosing Perk has made life long impacts on my own personal story."


Morgan, Class of 2024

"I love Perkiomen because it helps me to be the best person that I can be.  As a deaf student, I have to overcome many challenges and Perkiomen has helped me get through all of these challenges. The smaller classroom sizes make it easier to hear and focus on learning.  The one-on-one conference period is a place to get extra help to understand something or ask questions.  These are major things that are beneficial to a deaf student at Perkiomen but really benefit all students."

We can't wait to meet you!

On campus, or via Zoom or Skype, our Admissions Team can't wait to meet you.  Get to know Perkiomen School in whatever way is most comfortable for your family.  

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Three students outdoors at Perkiomen School

Helping students to build a sense of belonging to their school is crucial to development and has a profound impact on well-being, identity development, and mental health. 

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Schedule a 1:1 with Mrs. Moser

We are ready to help you with the Admissions process. 

Our Director of Admissions & Tuition Assistance, Abby Parish Moser, would be delighted to meet with you via Zoom or a phone call to answer any questions you may have about Perkiomen School.