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Tuition & Financial Assistance

Perkiomen School is committed to enrolling a wide range of academically-qualified students who are eager to embrace our motto of Solvitur vivendo – it is solved by living.

We realize that the dream to enroll a student in an independent school can often become a choice based on financial reality. We know families are interested in options for financing their student’s education and we are happy to work with you to clarify the process and explain financing options.

Our Admissions and Financial Aid team strives to help as many families as possible: please note and adhere to our application deadlines to maximize your consideration for aid.


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of Students Receive Financial Assistance

Last year, more than 40% of Perkiomen School students collectively received more than $6 million in financial assistance.

What Makes Us Different?

Our people build our community and our programs drive our impact.

By developing trusted relationships and pushing each other to succeed, we emphasize hands-on learning for a deeper knowledge of self and the world.  


Average Class Size

our small-scale creates big moments of discovery where it is safe to take risks and try new things


International Students

we are welcoming and affirming to a diversity of backgrounds, identities, and learning styles


Institutes: Design, Entrepreneur, Medical & Artificial Intelligence

promote active inquiry and problem-solving, making education relevant to a future we cannot predict


prepared for the future

our innovative educational model provides a distinct, competitive edge in academics, careers, and lives

Investing in the Future

Grade Levels 2024 - 2025 Boarding Tuition 2024 - 2025 Day Tuition
Middle School (grades 6-8) $75,900 $40,500
Upper School (grades 9-12 & PG) $75,900 $43,100
Specialized Programs  Additional Fees
English as a Second Language $10,900
Learning Center $9,600
Book & Technology Needs (all students) $800 (approximate)


What is the value of an independent school education?

You have many options when it comes to education:  public or private, day or boarding, online or in-person. 

Understanding what an independent school has to offer can be the first step in determining if it is the right choice for your family.   We invite you to explore our new e-book, The Value of an Independent School Education: 5 Reasons It's Worth It.  


Have some questions?  Contact our Admissions Team - we are happy to discuss the benefits and options! 


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Cover of The Value of an Independent School Education with Perkiomen School students

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Explore our helpful guide and learn the 5 reasons why an Independent School education is worth the investment. 


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